You'll awake in a bed in the cliff town of Lhasa. Walk around town and you'll learn that you've been asleep for nearly three years. Head to the back room to meet Lord Kumari, then head to the front and speak to Meihou. Then head back to Lord Kumari again to speak with Meihou, and you'll find yourself agreeing to finding Meilin, his granddaughter.

 Buy a Monk's Robe in the store on the top, then head outside. Before you go anywhere, head to Safarium and play a minigame for a Magirock. There is also a magirock in a subarea to the northeast of the Gobi desert. Enter the Gobi desert and you should meet a little girl whom runs away from you. Follow her to enter Louran.

 Well this place doesn't look so dead to me... Head to the store, and buy a BrnzPike if you have the money. If not, just head through the lower left exit from the square, and you should come across Temjin's house. Tell Temjin to take his money with him when he dies; You'll know why later.

 Ok, now head to Meilin's house. In the back room there is a Magirock. Crawl into the chimney and enter Meilin's room. After being yelled at, just leave and return to the Square. There isn't anything you can do about it anyway. Go to the inn, and take notice of the man talking about building a doorway just before it, then enter your room. Speak to Hedyn if you wish, then go to sleep.

 You'll wake up in the middle of the night by Yomi's shouting. The chest in the room contains a M. Bulb. Walk out of the room to the Inn, and see the true face of Louran! Head out the north exit and fall down to land in Temjin's basement. Walk to the left, and throw the pots. Climb the stairs, head more to the left and exit. Enter Meilin's house and go to Meilin's room, and beware of those flying tables...

 Pick up the Red Scarf, then head back to the square through Temjin's house. On the way you'll find Hedyn. Enter the former store building and you'll find a chest with a P.Cure and some Rags. As far as I know the rags are good for nothing. Exit the building, and head right. Enter the next screen and follow the path. Enter the house at the end to find a Magirock and the LightRod.

 Equip the LightRod; While weaker than the Bronze Pike it works wonders against the undead. Return to the square and head through the lower right exit. Enter the first house you see for a Magirock, then exit the building through the right exit and head through the tight alley just right of the building. Follow the path and enter the house at the end.

 Walk through this house, and beware of the Armor things... They contain ghosts, and ghosts will abduct you and bring you back to the Square if you're not careful. Anyway, as you get outside, head south and into the house here. Walk right and fall down the hole to find the Holy Seal. Equip it. Now those pesky ghosts can't touch you! Yay!

 Before you leave, crawl through the chimney and you'll come to a room that has a bed where you can sleep, and Hedyn is here as well. If you want, you can check the bookcases for some of the town's history. When you're ready, head back to the Square (easiest way is by letting yourself be caught by a ghost), and go towards the Inn. Remember that guy talking about building a doorway? Well he did, and you can see a few Zombies going into it. Follow them.

 Just follow the path, and you'll end up at the north side. Walk to the right and enter the first house, open the chest (containing 178 gems), then crawl under the table to see a hidden scene. Exit the house, and head to the northeast corner of the area, past the large building. Enter the house in the corner for a L. Bulb. Exit the building.

 Go south. Enter the first house you come across to discover a path that leads to a STR Potion. Head back, and head south, this time to enter the right house for a Magirock. Exit and head as far left as you can, then go through the opening in the wall to get another Magirock. Go back through the opening and head right to the next screen.

 This is the cemetary, and it's just like you'd expect how it should be in a Zombie-infested town: Full of Zombies! Kill all the Zombies and examine the northernmost grave to find Temjin's gravestone. I hope you told Temjin to take his gold with him when he died, because in that case you'll find 500 Gems in it. Equip Meilin's Scarf and speak to Turbo in the Northeast Corner, then leave the cemetary.

 You don't really have to follow Turbo - Just head to the large house I told you to ignore earlier. Don't enter it until Turbo does though, or you'll have to start over. Use the fast forward key on Zsnes to speed it up. Once inside, follow Turbo down the stairs, then enter the first room for a Magirock. Take the path just next to it and follow it until you come upon a dead end with a table at the wall. Crawl under the table to reach the last Magirock.

 Head back to the basement, and head as far left as you can. Watch the scene with Meilin and Turbo. Hey, lookie! No monsters left! Turns out all the monsters were mirages... But they sure hurt to be mere mirages. Oh well. Head outside, and Meihou will tell you to go to the nomads for directions on how to cross the Taklahama desert, as well as take you back to the Square.

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