The Groom Hunt


 Exit Louran and head for the Nomad's camp Northwest of Louran. Once in the camp, speak to the men around the campfire to learn how to cross the desert. Exit, head west and cross the Taklama desert. Remember to walk instead of run when you head northwest to find the Dragon Skulls. Then just head north until you walk into a giant skull, and you should have reached the other side.

 Once on the other side, head west. When you come to the Balkans, head north to come across a subarea with a Magirock. Head back to the world map, and enter Loire (the town to the west). Don't bother about the castle just yet; You'll get there in due time.

 In Loire, speak to everyone. Especially speak to Louis several times to hear what terrible thing he did to the village of Storkolm. Also, buy a Silver Pike but don't bother with the Ringmail since you'll get one for free soon. And finally, buy two Pretty flowers from the flower girl.

 Once done, head to the Inn. Watch the scene, then go to sleep. When you wake up, take note of the chemist whom talks about mushrooms for his sleeping potion, then head to Loire Castle.

 Now you can wander around freely in the castle; Only place you cannot enter is the King's and Princess Elle's bedrooms. Explore the castle, check the bookcases in the library as well as White wind (the thief, head to the dungeon to meet him).

 Also, in the pantry, there is a Magirock. Before you enter the kitchen though (to the right of the entrance), set the message speed to slowest in order to see what the maids say about princess Elle (there's a bug here that makes the text dissapear as soon as it's all out).

 All set? Head up to the second floor and speak to the guard in front of the Royal chamber. Say you want to marry the Princess. Walk into the right Lounge, and speak to everyone. When the guard comes to fetch you, do as you're told. Watch the scene.

 Okay, so you have to head to this Storkolm village but you can't get there without a Protect Bell. Hmm didn't Louis tell you that he gave the Protect Bell to the king? If you try to Enter the king's or Princess' rooms, though, you won't be allowed because of a guard. Stupid guard!

 Head outside again. Head north. when you see a small cabin, enter to find Molly. He'll tell you about a forest east of his cabin where mushrooms grow. Head directly east to find the small forest Mush which containing a L.Bulb and a mushroom. The mushroom can be hard to spot, though, since it's at the base of a tree. Try turning off a layer or two if you can't find it.

 As soon as you have the Mushroom, enter Loire and head to the Inn. Equip the Mushroom and give it to the scientist, and he'll be so grateful to you that he'll mix up a sleeping potion. It will take some time however... No sweat. Exit and reenter Loire, then speak to the chemist to receive the Sleep Potion.

 Now head to the castle, and slip the sleep potion into a pot when one of the maids aren't looking (equip, use X). You'll be sent out of the castle, and then you can re-enter it and find everyone asleep.

 Head to the dungeon and talk to White Wind, then examine the guard to get a Jail Key in order to free him. He'll give you a hint of how you access the treasures in the King's bedroom. So head to the 3rd floor and you'll discover Princess Elle there - wide awake! Ooops...

 Watch the scene, then head north and push the soldier out of the way. Enter the king's room (on the right) and push the gold statue out of the way. Climb all the stairs, and pick up the magirock along the way, to find the Protect Bell. YAY! Now you can find Storkolm!

 But first, go back through the Taklama desert, and to the Nomads camp. Equip a flower and speak to the silent child in the upper right tent. She'll tell you that she's Chija. Head back through the Taklama and enter Norfest forest.

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