Norfest Forest


 As you enter the forest, you'll run into Royd whom will warn you from going further, but don't listen to him. In the first screen, head to the right as soon as you get a chance and you'll come across a RingMail. Equip the protect bell and head north.

 To get through this maze, head North, North, East, North and you should come across a broken bridge. Head to the right, then south to come across a small clearing with 2 wolves. Kill the wolves and then check behind the south tree to find a hidden chest with a Life Potion.

 Backtrack and head right again. In the next screen you cannot kill the worms, so just dodge them. In the northeast corner there is a chest containing 389 Gems. Head left, and up to enter the next screen.

 Wait a second... Something's following you! Oh well, nothing you can do about it now. Walk along the path until Ark gets paranoid, and then proceed one screen. From there, head right and follow the path to get to a chest containing the Dog Whistle.

 Head back to the path and walk further, after a while you'll meet Meilin again. In the next screen there is a magirock to the right, and in the next dark area there's a Magirock to the northeast. Take them both and then head northwest. Continue onwards two screens.

 In this screen there is a M. Bulb in the northeast corner, and the lower left exit leads to a Magirock. Take both treasures then take the upper left exit and head north to get to a bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll find yourself in the village of Storkolm.

 Whoa! It's an identical copy of Crysta! What the hell? After the cutscene you'll find yourself surrounded by wolves. Quickly equip the dog whistle and blow it (use X) to make the wolves go away. Enter what would be the Elder's house and head to the Elder's room.

 In Elder's room, open the two chests for a M. Bulb and the Portrait. Watch the cutscene. If you'd like you can also check the weaver's place for some nice dialouge. When you're ready, leave Storkolm and you'll find yourself back on the world map. Now head to Loire castle.

 Enter the royal chamber. Watch the cutscene. You'll find yourself back at the Inn, with Meilin sleeping in the room next to you. Leave the room and you'll discover that the King has been murdered! Oh well he was such a tyrant anyway... Now the people are holding an election to decide the town's future.

 Stand among the crowd to listen, then enter a house and leave to begin the voting. Vote for Jean. If you don't, Loire will be irreversibly screwed for future development. Enter a house and leave, then stand among the crowd yet again to hear the results of the vote.

 If you voted for Jean, things will get better in Loire, but it'll still take time to get it to the next stage in evolution. Since there isn't much to do here anymore, exit Loire, head west, pass the Tollgate and as the old timer instructed, head south to the country of Spain.

 Enter Litz to your left. Get the Luck Potion at the northwest corner of town, and speak to the inhabitants to learn about Sylvain castle. Stock up on L. Bulbs, then exit town and head south to the cabin-like spot. Enter it to find the Quatros' camp.

 In here, speak to everyone and massage the lady on the right for 1 gem, then exit and do it again for 5 more gems. You can repeat as much as you like. As soon as you leave camp, the Quattros will dissapear. Now, head into the castle on your right, and prepare for one of the longest and toughest dungeons in the game...

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