Sylvain Castle


 Scary music eh? I hope by now you're at level 20 or so, else this place is going to be very tough. Move north, past the fountain, and enter the main building of the castle. Head left immediately, and follow the path until you get the Stardew at the end.

 Return to the entrance and head north. After Ark has noticed the portraits, head left and up the stairs to the next floor. Here, you'll be at a 4-way crossroad. To the north is the throne room, the east exit leads to the library, and to the south is the chandelier room.

 Enter the throne room and kill the two skeletons there to release two souls that will give you useful hints. Then enter the library, kill the enemies in there and read all the books for some more useful hints. Return to the crossroads, and head south.

 As you enter the chandelier room, head right. Enter the chapel, and head right again. Enter the doorway to find a dark place with 4 skeletons. kill the skeletons and a soul will appear. Talk to the soul and agree it can follow you. Exit the dark place and head down and left, then north. Enter the doorway.

 This next part is a bit tricky, but not impossible. Cross the rope, then diagonally run/jump to the platform south of the one you're standing on. Cross the next rope and jump off in the middle to get a Magirock. Jump back on the rope again (it's doable, just kinda hard), then continue left. When you get to another treasure chest, do the same thing you did to the magirock, except here you can run-jump to the left to get off if you time it properly. Continue left and exit.

 In this next area, head left as soon as you can to get to a magirock and a bookcase that contains the king's diary. Head back to the main path and continue south, and head left again to find a chest with 651 Gems. Head south and left one final time to get outside.

 Here, you'll find a VestArmr. Equip it, then head back to the first floor in front of the portraits, only this time head right. Enter the doorway, and you'll notice that bringing that soul along wasn't such a good idea, after all. Never trust an 'innocent' soul in a place with monsters... Ah well. Kill the monster, then head back to the entrance hall and to the far right to enter a new area.

 Head left and up to enter the Guardroom. Kill the Blood Skeleton and proceed into the Storage. Here you'll find the Tower Key as well as the IcePick. Equip them both, then go back to the room before the guard room, this time taking the center path. Climb the stairs, then Yomi will tell you what to do. By now you should've figured out that the code is 286, and you get it by pressing against the wall while on the oil cans.

 Head back down, and head right, into the kitchen. Here, crawl into the chimney to find the Black Opal buried in the soot of the fireplace. Crawl back out and continue south, to the outside. Head left, and use the Tower Key to unlock and enter the west tower. Climb the tower and once outside again, stand to the far right. Yomi will push you over to the top of the east tower. Climb down the vine to get the Topaz, then let go of the vine.

 With the Tower Key, enter the east tower. Head downstairs, kill the guy in purple armor and enter the door that opened. In this sewer-like area, head over the right bridge and follow the path to the end for a DEF Potion. Don't forget the Magirock along the way, as well. Head back and where the path goes up, go there. Stick your hand into the Statue's mouth to turn the Acid to regular water.

 Head back aaaaaaaaaaall the way to the Chandelier room. You'll notice the chandeliers are quite a bit lower since your last visit. Jump on the chandelier to the far right, and do a diagonal jump to the treasure chests to the right for the Ruby and a L. Bulb. Now, exit the main building and go to the courtyard outside. Jump into the fountain, and swim straight ahead for the last gem; the Saphire.

 Walk up to the portraits. Watch the cutscene. When it's done, you can challenge the boss of this castle! But she is a a really mean bitch, and she'll most probably kill you unless you either head back to Loire and buy some Elec Rings or level up until you're atleast level 25 (one trip to the west tower nets about 700 Exp, so I suggest you level up there).

 Now jump down to face her. First she'll send her daughters at you in that horrible dungeon of hers. Stand with your face turned towards the south, then when the dolls stop attack the doll behind you (to the north). Repeat two more times, then talk to Columbus. You'll end up playing "Simon says" with another doll. Simply move when she speaks. Once you get to her, whack her and she goes crying to mommy...

 And "mommy" just so happens to be the toughest biyatch in the game! Another good reason why you shouldn't mess with girls. If you've stocked up on Elec Rings, equip the Firepike and roast her. At lvl 21 I needed 8 Elec Rings to bring her down, each did about 40-60 damage, so Bloody mary got atleast 350 HP.

 Haven't got any elec rings you say? Use the LightRod instead. You'll pack more damage, but if you aren't lvl 25 or above you won't be able to harm her much at all. Once she is defeated, a long cutscene should follow. And that ends the Sylvain Castle. PHEW!

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