The New Continent


 You'll end up in the hospital at Litz. Ask the lady at the counter for a fever medicine. By now, Loire should've expanded, so head back there and talk to Pierre, Marily (Mme's shop), Matis and the Wine guy and agree to help them. To help Pierre and the Wine guy, just exit and reenter, then speak to them again. You should receive a Camera, Fancy Clothes, Matis' Painting and Wine. Also, head to the castle and participate in the speed eating contest for a magirock.

 Head back to Litz and sleep at the Inn. Watch the cutscene, then head to the port. Talk to the captain and board the ship and you'll be on your way! In the middle of the journey, you'll find yourself on the deck. Talk to everyone, then head into the cabin. In the room to the left there is a L. Bulb. Take it, then go to sleep.

 You'll wake up in the middle of the night by a scream. When you get out, you'll find the princess attacked by ghosts! Hit the real ghost three times, and soon the ghosts fade away... Talk to princess Elle for a bit, then go back to sleep. When you awake you're at the new continent! Woohoo!!!

 As you try to exit the ship, though, you'll receive a letter from Princess Elle. Hmph! Looks like she ditched you... Oh well. In the house to the south there is a Magirock. Exit the port and head north to the City of Freedom!

 Wow! Big place isn't it? Speak to the black kid at the center of the Plaza and he'll introduce himself as Perel and then he tries to cheer you up. After the show, talk to him again and agree to see his friends. Follow him to Kidsgart. After a little chit-chat he'll run off to find Anita.

 Head to the bar and equip the wine bottle, then talk to the lady at the right. Now head to the house north of the bar and equip the fancy clothes. Talk to the three girls and give them the clothes. Now head to the house north of there again. Talk to Bell and help Eddy with his invention, then take some scenery photos if you want to.

 Leave town and head to Nirlake, to the north. Speak to Mick in the shack to the northwest, and help him invent the hamburger (grind meat -> put it in a bun), then enter the house south of Mick's to find a Life Potion. Now enter the house directly east of Mick's house.

 You'll find Amanda - but it looks like she got a new boyfriend. Speak to Amanda, then exit her house and exit the town area on the right to come to Will's place. Push the bookshelf out of the way and speak to Anita, then examine the junk lying around to discover the Tin Sheet.

 Exit Nirlake and head up into the forest northwest of the town. In here there is a creature called Gumin whom guards some logs. Kill the monsters, and collect the two logs they were standing on, exit and then repeat the process until you've got nine logs.

 Head back to Freedom, tell the truth to Bell, enter the bar and speak to Bell again, then exit the bar and Speak to Bell a final time. Now head back to Bell's house and he'll give you a Magirock! Yay! Make sure you've talked to the guy in the plaza who babbles about building a bridge over C. River, then exit Freedom and go to Colorado River.

 Here, equip the logs and talk to the guy standing there. Give him all nine logs. Awful lot of dialouge, isn't it? Exit the area and reenter to discover there is a bridge there, with a magirock on top.Wooh! Cross the bridge to the other side to end up in Colorado.

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