Getting a boat


 Recognise this place? That's right - you're almost back at the beginning... Head south, to Evegreen. In here much has changed. Get the Stardew from the chest to the right and exit, then head over the bridge to the east.

 Go past the town you see and continue down to the far south for a racing game where you can win a Magirock. Then head north and hug the mountains to find a subarea with 378 gems and a Life Potion. A little farther north there is a stopover with a Gull that takes you to Greenland, ride it.

 By now I hope you have a pretty flower with you. To the west of the stopover there is a cave with 961 gems. Directly south of the stopover there is a village - Penginea. Enter it. In here, there is a magirock in the first house to the left. Equip a pretty flower and talk to the penguin walking in and out of a house. You'll loose the pretty flower but in return you'll get a starstone! Weee!

 Return to South America, and head to Liotto, that town you ignored earlier. In Liotto, you'll meet Meilin at the Cotton Candy stand. Head north with her to Corcobad Hill and you'll get rid of her. Play some Cream-a-cat for a magirock, and in the NW building there is another one.

 Go to the Inn and sleep (it's free! YAY!) Then head back to Corcobad Hill. Watch the Cutscene. Then, head south to the port. Watch even more cutscenes and then talk to the captain to head out to the mermaid tower.

 In here, just descend as far as you can, killing off the fishes along the way. When you get to the bottom you'll meet a boss. Just stand still and lure the purple fish to you then perform the Slicer attack to hurt it. After a few hits it should give up. Head back up to B1.

 Wee! The mermaids are back! Talk to the queen to get the Engagement Ring, then take the right path back. Get the chest you see containing a Sea spear, then talk to the two mermaids blocking the exit to get the Waterpin. Get out of the mermaid tower and you'll get a boat as thanks.

 With your new boat there are loads of things to explore. Head back to the world map and use the dock you see there to get on the boat. Sail to the South Pole and enter the cave there to get the Sea Mail and a Life Potion.

 Head back outside and sail to the northernmost tip of New Zeland, then head east to come upon Mu. Note that if you didn't ressurect Mu in the underworld, then it's not there, but if you did, you'll find an Enbu Pike and a DEF Potion there. Exit, and head for Australia.

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