Cruisin' the World

Note: This part is optional, and any or all of these points can be done anytime from now on (with the exception of Neotokio which must be done before you ressurrect the Genius), so skip this if you just want to go on with the story.


 From the port at Australia, follow the mountainrange and you should come to a subarea that has 892 gems. Leave the subarea and head west again. Stay close to the mountains, and eventually you'll find another subarea. In here climb the right vine for a Life potion and 228 gems.

 Head back out to the world map, and to the east. Enter the town you see. Welcome to Suncoast! In here there isn't much to do, right now it's just a small backwater place. Take some pictures of it, and exit through the north exit to come to a ranch. Talk to the owner, agree to advertise and he'll give you Tasty Meat.

 Go back to the port, and sail to New Zeeland. Explore the island for a subarea where you'll find a Magirock. Head back out on the world map, and sail to the islands north of Australia.

 In this area there are two islands you can land on. On the southern one you'll find a Luck potion and 1403 gems, while on the northern one you'll find 378 gems and the Speed Shoes! Now you can run like the wind! Head north again, this time to China, and enter the city there, known as Yunkou.

 In Yunkou, Chija's parents resides. Speak to them, and if you've given a flower to Chija (the silent girl in the nomad's camp), they'll thank you by all their heart and "depart" to find Chija. North of their building is a Magirock, too. Leave, and head for Neotokio (Japan).

 In Neotokio there is a Magirock in the building to the left just as you enter, and another magirock waits for you in the Noodle bar if you beat the Noodle king. Also, if you check the trash can right of the empty lot north of town, you get to battle a ghost.

 After you've killed the ghost Quintet Headquarters will appear on the empty lot! Nothing there in the English version thou, but if you play the Japanese version you can win another Magirock there by answering a Quiz.

 Right! Head back out to the world map again, and sail northeast to Alaska. Just like the real world, there isn't much to find here. Enter the empty patch in the middle of the trees to find some ruins and a Str Potion. Sail around the continent, back to the city of Freedom.

 Well, looks like Freedom expanded! But it's actually basicly the same. Head to Stoma's house and give him the Tasty meat, and wait for him to reward you with 100 gems. Then head into the back room and take the Magirock in there. Also enter the black market and pay 5000 for the guy to release Kingbird (check the item store).

 Before you leave, visit Bell and Eddie one last time. Make a brief trip back to Sanctuar and visit Kingbird for another Magirock, then head east with your ship, towards Africa. There's a subarea near the mountains in the north that contains 1706 gems. Also, enter the oasis and buy a Crystal. Leave, travel to Great Britain, and sell Matis' painting to Rich for 1000 Gems. Now travel to Litz.

 In here, give the Tin Sheet to the Sardine Guy, and the Crystal to the potmaker. Speak to the Sardine guy again to receive Tinned Sardines. Leave, travel north to Loire, and speak to the Wine guy, Marily and Matis. Leave, enter Tollgate, leave again and Loire should have expanded.

 In Loire, you can now do several nifty things, such as buying an apartment and other useless stuff. Also give the pictures you took to the tourism beareu. Once you're done playing around, you can always head north to the chicken races. Also, head east past the Taklama desert one last time and head to the Nomad's camp to discover Chija's parents came and picked her up.

 Head back to Freedom once more. Give tinned sardines to Stoma and get your reward, then head back to Litz and talk to the Sardine guy. Enter the tollgate and exit. Litz has turned big! w00t!!!

 In the Northwest corner of Litz there is a Magirock, and another one exists in the building to the left of the church. Also, sail to the island north of Scandia for a third magirock, before finally moving on to Nirlake to continue your quest.

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