Great Lakes Cavern


 Make sure you have plenty of Serums before moving on. Enter the cave to the north of Nirlake. It's finally time to rescue Will! Equip the Engagement Ring and talk to Servas to get past him. In here, head up and to the left. Kill off the Doumas, and go to the end of the cave. Open the Treasure chest for the Air Herb.

 Now, you can enter hidden tunnels. Return to the previous screen. See those bubbles to the right? Try swimming there and press A to dive into a secret tunnel. Head right, and fall down the waterfall. Continue down the path and head back upstairs, then head north. Take the stairs up to the next floor.

 As you come up, Ark will spot something in the water. Watch the dialog, then jump into the water. Be careful, as the currents are strong! Swim as far to the left of the waterfall as you can, then fall down. You should land on a ledge containing a Magic Anchor. Now the currents won't affect you any more.

 Jump down again. Kill off the Pupilas, and head left. Enter the doorway you see, and follow the path. You should end up above the giant waterfall, with a treasure chest containing 753 gems. Jump down and fall down the waterfall again, and head left. This time though, swim through the underwater passage.

 Head to the left, and climb the stairs, then head north to find some more stairs and a treasure chest containing a GeoStaff. Take it, then head up. Here, kill off all enemies, then pick up a stone and throw it at the trickling water to the right. Fall down the hole, and look! The room is flooded! There's now a Magirock here that you can pick up. Do so, then head right.

 Follow the path until you come to a room with another waterfall and swift currents. If you haven't gotten the Magic anchor yet, like I told you, go back and get it. Else, jump into the water and swim up. Enter the underwater passage you see and take the DrgnMail, then swim back out and to the left.

 As you walk down the path you'll come to a seemingly dead end with a waterfall. Examine the waterfall closely and you'll notice that there's a spot brighter than the rest of the wall. It's (surprise surprise) a hidden passage. Weeeee! Now follow the path until you come to a maze-like area with waterways. Just take the right path and keep on swimming until you reach a fork. Head right again and drop down the waterfall to fight hitoderon!

 This battle is nowhere near hard. Most of the starfishes go down on one or two hits, and the only annoying one is the one on top. Walk under him (don't run, just walk) to lure him down, then stab. Repeat until all are dead. When you're done, you'll receive HornPin, then be transported to Will. Talk to Will and you'll get transported out of there.

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