Dragoon Castle


 After having rescued Will, you find out you need to get the prices of metal down, and thus you need to talk to Lon Trading in Yunkou. Unfortunately, once you get there you find out that Lon do not wish to talk to anyone. Head to Chija's parents for another Magirock (if you've followed everything so far, Chija should be back), then head to the Inn.

 Go to the second floor. Why, if it isn't Fyda in that bed! Talk to her, and the clerk, then go to the doctor. He'll tell you that you need Ginseng. Go talk to Lon and agree to help him, then leave and talk to the doctor again. He'll tell you what to do with the Ginseng.

 Go back to the Inn and give Ginseng to Fyda. After the cutscene, head outside. Perel's there, and greets you. Tell him everything you know and then head to Dragon Castle. Talk to Perel again there and he'll help you get in by distracting a guard.

 Okay. Dragon castle doesn't have any enemies, but it does have guards. Make sure they don't spot you or else you have to do everything from the beginning. Also, make sure you have the speed shoes. Start by heading up to the center.

 The first guard will stand still. Just run past him when he's aiming his flashlight in another direction. Jump over the chasm, and walk up. Be careful, there'll be another guard waiting here. After you've sneaked past him you'll end up in a hallway. Just walk through it. In the next room, equip the speed shoes and press X to use them. You'll run into the wall and open it.

 The next room also has guards, but they're easy to avoid. Head to the top left exit, and enter it. Climb down the stairs, then head south for a Magirock. Head back up, and take first right, then first north.

 Watch the cutscenes, then you'll hear some noises from above. Go check it out, then jump on the chain and climb up. After the chit-chat, head out and let a guard spot you to get back to the beginning. Fyda said she would check out the east side of the castle, and I find it an excellent suggestion.

 Head back inside and head to the east. Climb the stairs, and head further east. Make aqcuaintance with the most annoying guard in the castle. Once you get past him, head into the door and round the guard to the right, then use the Speed shoes to sprint up to the end of the corridor, and enter the next room.

 In here, diagonally jump to the left, then to the top platform. Run and jump to the right from here. Head north and use the small platforms at the top to jump over to the other side where you'll find a treasure containing 200 gems. Hop back, and this time head as far south as you can.

 Jump to the right once more and grab the Magirock, then continue to the right. Follow the path to the next crossroad, and there head up to find an area with 2 chests containing an L.bulb and 300 Gems. Head back to the path and walk left. Head downstairs, and walk as far to the right and north as possible to find an island with another Magirock.

 Head to the left and go up the stairs. Follow the path to find a 3PartRod. Head back to the room with the big pit, and this time, enter the door to the north. Elle will be waiting. Enter the doorway and head to the upper right corner. Enter, and walk up to speak with Elle.

 Once this cutscene is done, head back. You'll find the entrance blocked, but after another cutscene it'll be open again. Head back to the beginning of the castle, and this time check the west end. Use the pots to extinguish the candles and open the way to the next room, then check the wall opposite to the statue you see once you get in. Pull the switch.

 Head into the new opening. Run with Speed Shoes to open the door. After another cutscene, head towards the exit. Follow Meilin and she'll help you escape. Once you're on your way, Elle will ask to remain behind. Once she left you, just follow the path and you'll trigger a few more cutscenes before you're done with Dragon Castle. Weee!

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