Beruga's Lab


 Head back to Will, and he'll tell you he's done with his Airplane. Head outside of Nirlake and back to Freedom. See that runway? Well, what are you waiting for??? Get flying already! Once you're in the air, head west (or east, doesn't matter really) to Mosque.

 Once you've landed, head east, and across the bridge. Enter the cave and you'll find the BlockRod, your second "special" weapon! Weee! Get back to the runway tracks and enter Mosque to the north. Not that much to do here; Visit all the houses, one of them contains a Magirock.

 Right. Head south, and enter the Lab Tower. Whoa... Cool music! And it's dark as well... Anyhow, start by heading to the right. Follow the path, and head to the left at first opportunity. Hit the switch, and you've turned on the light in the lab. Head back to the main path.

 Follow along the path until you come to a seemingly dead end. To the north your path is blocked by pipes... Or is it? Crawl under the pipes and when you get to the other side, throw away the brown thing. Crawl into the opening to find a SoulArmr. Equip it.

 Crawl back out and head to the right. Follow the path until the end, and throw the switch. Main Power Restored! Yay! Head back to the very beginning, and into the elevator to the south. Press the switch on the right and wait for the elevator to go down.

 In this next area, just follow the path until you come to another dead end. Look around a little and you'll notice another place you can crawl through. Do so, and then continue onwards on the path. Jump into the teleporter, and head onwards into the next room.

 This place is probably the best area for experience in the entire game - 400 exp pts each time you pass through the room! Level up as much as you want to (preferrably lvl 29+), when you're ready, flip the switch and then use the right exit to quickly get back to the elevator. Head down to the next floor.

 In this area, head north and jump onto the conveyor belt. Take the left teleporter and you'll find a DEF Potion. Head back to the conveyor belt, and take the right teleporter. Follow the path until you find the computer. Watch the scene, talk to the computer, and head back to the elevator. Head down to the final floor.

 Yep, you guessed it! It's a boss! This one has a few attacks you should look out for, although if you are lvl 29+ you shouldn't have any problems defeating the sucker. All his attacks can be evaded, one way or the other, but the only one you really have to bother about is the whiplash attack, since it can decrease your attack power to 1. Destroy the legs and he'll send small bots at you. Kill those off as well and you've beaten him.

 Head north. Watch the scene. Follow Beruga and talk to him, then talk to the Zombie. Go near Beruga again and watch the cutscene unfold. That Beruga sure looks like a nice, sane fellow, doesn't he?

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