The Starstones


 You wake up in Lhasa. After the conversation, speak to Lord Kumari, then go back to Meihou again and speak to him. He will tell you where the starstones are. One, in the Icy Village, you have probably already collected (it's in Greenland). The other four are in Airsrock (Australia), Astarica (western South America), Sahara and Neotokio.

 Right, so lets start with the one closest (in time anyways); Neotokio! Go to Safarium, fly to Sanctuar, and from there fly to Neotokio. Enter the city, and head to the police station. Watch the scene, check the desk, and then head to the sewers (the entrance is in that underground place).

 After Ark has commented on the stench, head left and then south. If you're low on cash, fight the enemies in this area, but they'll steal your cash as well. Go further along the path and you'll come to a room with a Sewer key in it. Head back to the first screen, and open the door. Enter it.

 Watch the scene, then head right. Cross the bridge and head left again. The chest you saw contains a H. Water. Enter the door and you'll find a pond. Walk north and take the second bridge to the left for a Luck Potion, then head back and take the north bridge. Follow the path, when you get to a fork there's a Fauchard to the right. Equip it.

 Head back and take the left path. Head down, and don't forget the Magirock to the right! Exit through the doorway. Recognise this place? Yep, it's where the girl was chased by a lion. Enter and you'll find a three-way fork. To the right, there's a magirock, to the left, there's a KingArmr.

 Take the middle path and you'll find the girl and the Lion. Walk up to them, and after a few cutscenes you'll receive a Starstone. Woohoo! The Freedom rescue team will come to rescue, but you have to walk back all the way to the beginning. Oh well. Time to get the next Starstone, so sail to Astarica.

 Once in Astarica, walk up and drink from the altar. You'll faint and when you wake up again, nothing will be quite the same. Whoa! Shrooms are bad, m'khay? Anyway, speak to Meila, and then head up and push the top statue out of the way. Push the statues to the niches in the walls. Enter the opening that appears.

 In the next room, it's sorta maze-like, although very straightforward. The first fork leads to a chest containing the HolySuit. The second fork will lead you to a magirock. Once you've taken those two, head to the right. Watch the scene, then drink any goblet, doesn't matter which one. You'll die, and when you wake up, you'll aqcuire another Starstone. YAY!

 Right. Time for another Starstone. Head to Airsrock in Australia and climb it. Talk to the scientist there and he'll give it to you. Also, enter Suncoast and talk to the council. Time to get the fifth and final stone, but first, head back to Nirlake. Or rather, what's left of it...

 It looks like a fire destroyed Nirlake. Awww... Talk to the guy in the middle of town and he'll give you 9 Nirlake Letters. Head to Will's place and give him a Letter, then head to Freedom and give Bell and Eddy one letter each.

 Now, head to Sahara, and search around in the Northeast corner of the desert for the final Starstone. Before you proceed, however, head to Loire and deliver four letters to Matis, Marily, Pierre and the Wine Guy. Head to Litz and deliver a letter to the cannery guy. Finally, deliver a letter to Rich in Great Britain and Nirlake will have been rebuilt. Head back to Nirlake.

 Just to the northeast of Freedom, Will have set up a house. Enter that and talk to Will to receive Airfield Plans. Yay! Also, enter Nirlake to get a Magirock (to the left of the upper right house). You can also buy the ProArmr from the weapon shop (at the Inn).

 Head back to Suncoast. Give the council the plans, and take pictures of it with your camera. Give the pictures to the Tourism beaurous in Loire, Freedom and Nirlake. Return to Suncoast to find it fully expanded. Enter the Mayors' apartment for a magirock. There's also an AlphaRod in the weapon shop.

 As a final thing to do, if you give the fever medicine to the pair at the Inn, they'll give you a Waterpin. Okay! You're all set. Now head to Dryvale (Antarctica), equip the Starstones and place them on the altars. Watch the cutscene unfold. You've successfully completed chapter 3. Phew!

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