You'll wake up as a crying baby in Storkolm. After all the cutscenes, you'll find yourself with a Hero Pike and a HeroArmr, the best weapons in the game! Yay! head up and outside. You'll discover a bird with a message for you.

 Labtower in Siberia eh? Well, what are you waiting for? Once you've read the message, go out of the village. Either use a Bone Pin or go through the entire Norfest Forest. Take a ship to Freedom and fly over to Mosque.

 From there, head as far east as you can get and you will come upon Labtower. Talk to Meihou to get the ball rolling, then head up to get Meilin to deactivate the security cameras. Head further up, and Meilin will create a mirage to shield you while you continue along the path.

 When you get to a dead end, wait for a crane to pick you up. The next parts are so straightforward that I won't bother explaining them. There's a Magirock on the 2nd floor after you've met Fyda. Don't forget it.

 Once you reach the 5th floor (directly after Royd has blasted clear an opening for you), enter the first room to meet Meihou and find a Life Potion. Then enter the room directly to the south and press the switch. Head out, and continue along the path. Jump down and you'll land on an Air Ship.

 Enter the Airship to discover Fyda and Royd sitting there. Talk to them and they will give you seven time bombs and tell you to set them all on the ship's computers. Well, start with the one in front of you, and work your way up.

 Head to the right, and north. Climb the stairs. Head south, and enter the main section. Exit on the right side, head north again, go down, and to the left to find the second computer and Royd. Go back to the main section.

 Head north, and climb the first set of stairs you see to find Fyda and two more computers. Head downstairs, continue as far north as you can, and climb the stairs in the end of the corridor to find another pair of computers.

 Head back down and take the first exit to the right you see. Head north to discover the final computer. Once you've set all time bombs, head to the rear of the ship. Royd and Fyda will meet up and detonate the bombs.

 After the bombs have blown off, head south. Watch the cutscene. Once all the talking is done, get on the gull, and see the Airship go down! Talk to the scientist, whom will tell you that it landed in South America.

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