Dark Gaia


 Time for the final showdown. Head back to the hole you came through so long ago in the beginning. It has expanded considerably. Talk to Columbus, and he'll advice you to save your game before you jump down. I'd advice that too, actually. And oh yeah, I hope you've experienced everything Terranigma has to offer by this point, since there's no turning back once you proceed. Once ready, jump down the hole.

 Aaaah... Feels good to be back, doesn't it? Enter Crysta, and speak to the Elder. He will take you to the Gaia Stone. Just walk in any direction, or stand still. Doesn't matter. Once the conversation is over, the Elder will appear in his true form; Dark Gaia! Must... Resist... Urge... To... Panic...

 Actually, as long as you're at a decent level (30+) you're good to go, just make sure you have the HeroArmr and HeroPike equipped. Most of Dark Gaia's attacks are easy to avoid; Simply stand on one of the edges of the platform. If he starts Gaia's Rage, walk around or jump over the beams. If he fires a light orb, hit it, and it should bounce back and hurt Dark Gaia. Now he comes at you with his spiky body. Give him a few good whacks. Eventually he'll explode. Weee!

 Prepare to watch the endi... Aww I knew it was too good to be true! Oh well. This new form is either extremely much harder, OR easier depending on how you see on things. All it will do is fire a few sparks at you of various elements, or fire a laser beam. Well, that, and his lightning beam that will hit you and drain half your HP each time it hits, for 10-15 times a charge. Ouch...

 So how do you survive that beam? You can't avoid it, since it fills the entire screen. The answer is, block it! Yes, block it. That way it'll take away 1-2 HP each time it hits instead of half. Otherwise, this battle isn't hard. Just whack him as soon as you get the chance, regular attacks seems to be the most effective.

 Once Dark Gaia is defeated, there will be a few more cutscenes and then you can walk around Crysta one last time - this time it's a peaceful and boring version of Crysta thou... You can't hit anyone with pumpkins anymore, you can't enter the blue door and you can't squabble with the Elder. Boring. Once you feel ready, go to sleep and watch the incredible ending. :)

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