Whoa! Look at that! The entire world is green! Yay! Head north, through the pass of Iguana, and towards Colorado. Once there, first, head to the small lonely patch of trees southeast of Sanctuar. It's a subarea that contains 378 Gems and a M.bulb. Head back to the world map, and enter the mountain to the north.

 This is GreCliff. Gotta love the music. :D Anyway, head right and go inside. Head to the left, jump up all the plateus, and climb the stairs to the next floor. Follow along the path, and push the first boulder out of the way. Go down and lift one of the rocks behind the boulder, then go down and touch the boulder to reveal the rock monster that's hiding in it. Kill it off and go outside.

 Head right, climb the vine and enter the doorway and follow the path for a STR Potion. Head back outside, climb down and head right. Enter the cave, and walk north. Take the stairs to the next floor, walk left and swim over to the other side, and climb the stairs.

 On this floor, follow along the path until you reach the stairs to the next floor, and make sure to kill that Quaker. Don't take the stairs to the next floor, instead, head left and go around everything. Go outside, and head right.

 Follow the path until you come to another cave. Enter it, kill the monsters inside, climb the stairs and continue until you find a chest blocked by two boulders. Touch the boulders and two rock monsters will appear. Kill them off, then open the chest to get the RocSpear!

 With the RocSpear, you can now destroy the dark grey boulders. Equip it and try it on the boulder trapping you, then head back to those stairs I told you to ignore, and climb them. To get over the pits, do a Run-jump. You'll end up outside. Follow along with the path until you find a cave. Walk a little more to the north and you'll find a Magirock.

 Now enter the cave. Just walk through it, destroying the rocks with the RocSpear. When you're outside again, continue on the path until you come to a hole with a vine. Walk a little more south and you'll see a vine. Start climbing it, and press B to fall down. Get the magirock on this plateu, and climb back up again. Climb down the hole.

 When you're falling through the hole, keep to the left and you'll eventually land next to a chest containing an S.Bulb. Climb down the next hole, and you'll end up on a ledge. Walk to the left, across the bridge, and enter the cave.

 In the northwest corner, there is a magirock. Walk up the stairs in the northeast corner to the next floor. Here, you have to run quickly over the bridges - if one of those quakers get to quake the bridges will fall. Exit the cave, and jump up the plateus.

 Go to the thing flashing in the peridon's nest, and you'll get the Sharp Claws. Now, climb the wall to the north and get the M.Bulb there before you drop down back to the bridge. Head to the far right and scale the cliff. If you want, go to the right and drop down, then head right a bit more to find another climbable wall. Scale it to find another M.Bulb. Return to the cave and enter it.

 Just get through the cave, and when you come out, scale the cliff to your left to find 87 gems in a chest, and a magirock. Jump back down, and drop down at the northern cliffs in order to get to another pit with a vine. Keep to the right as much as possible for yet another magirock (see image below).

 Jump down, and head to the left. Take the vine down and head to the left again. Enter the cave for a Life Potion, then climb back up. Head right to the next screen, and scale the cliff. Prepare yourself for the boss, and make sure to be atleast level 13.

 The Dark Twins aren't that hard, but they can be annoying at times. First only the green bird will attack you. If it uses it's tornado on you, use the slicer attack to deal around 40 damage. If it tries to blow you off with a tornado, run towards it. Eventually, his twin will arrive. The only thing the brown bird will do is to shit on you - literally. A few more hits to the green bird should finish them off for good. Sit back and enjoy the ressurection of the birds!

 You'll find yourself back in Sanctuar. Climb the wall in the back, and you'll reach the kingnest. Here, climb the rope to the right in order to talk to Kingbird. Hell tell you that the wind hasn't come back from Windvale yet, so go down to a gull and talk to it and it'll take you to Windvale.

 Windvale is easy as heck to clear. You just throw those three stones as close to the blinking thing in the darkness as you can. Voila! Wind is back! Fly back to Sanctuar and speak to Kingbird again and you'll receive the BirdPin. Now you can fly anywhere you want! Atleast if you're a bird. Buy a birdsuit from the armor shop if you haven't already, then ask the gull to the left to take you to Safarium.

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