The Ra Tree


 You wake up to a barren wasteland devoid of all life. After the chat with Yomi, exit to the world map. Not a very friendly place, is it? First, head south between the cliffs to access an area with a Magirock and a magic salesman. Return to the world map and head to the pool in the middle of the lake.

 This is Evegreen. Well it's not particularly green right now, but that can be arranged. Go right ahead and climb under the tree to access an underground dungeon; the Ra Tree. Your first priority here is to find a better weapon.

 After you've climbed down the first stairs, go straight ahead. Notice that gray shivering bulk? That's an Abee Husk, and they serve as treasure chests in here. Open it for a P. Cure. Continue down the stairs just ahead of you, and head right. You should find an elevated platform with a husk on it.

 Jump up on the platform and open the husk to find the Ra Spear. Equip it. The husk to the left contains an S.Bulb, and further to the right is a husk containing an M.Bulb. Don't bother entering the doorway - you'll only get thrown out again. Climb back up the stairs.

 Now, head left. The first husk you'll find contains 42 Gems, and the second will contain a S.Bulb. Continue south. Both husks in this screen contain M.bulbs. Follow the path until you come to a dead end, with two fishes swimming around. Kill off the fish and the path will open, leading to a big hole. Jump down the hole.

 The Abbee Husk you can see when you land contains an S.Bulb, and if you go farther right the next husk contains a P.Cure. Continiue right and head down the stairs. On the next floor, head as far left and north as you can get, then head right. To get past the red Abee husks, simply pick them up when they're closed and throw them. Head down the stairs to the next level.

 Here, you'll find 3 husks, containing a P.Cure, a M.Bulb and a Life Potion. Move along the path, and when you come to a fork, head south. Continue on the path, and when you get to a bottomless pit, kill the flower there to release a soul. As the soul asks you to follow you, jump to the platform on the left, then follow the ledge to a staircase.

 Head down the stairs, and start climbing the vine, then press B to release it and drop to the bottom. Talk to the plant and take the Giant Leaves to get your new flippers! Yomi will pop out and make fun of you for not being able to swim. Before you leave, swim to the southwest corner for a Magirock. Climb up the vine.

 Return to the fork, and this time take the north path. Climb down the set of stairs and you'll find a lily. Speak to the lily to get Ra Dewdrops. Equip the Dewdrops and press X to drink it. Now you can take on the boss!

 But first, swim to the right, and open the abbee husk to obtain the LeafSuit. If you swim more to the right you'll find a Magirock behind the waterfall, as well as a vine leading back up. Climb up the Vine, and jump down from the plateu. Head north, then go right. Climb the stairs. Head left, and swim over to the other side. Head right, and enter the doorway to meet the boss: The parasite!

 Make sure you're atleast level 10 before you fight this evil creature. First he'll appear as a claw in those small holes, and an invincible centipede will be in the big hole. If you strike the claw a few times though, the boss will change shape. The centipede will start leaping from hole to hole while a big eye appears in the hole. Go up and stand just to the right of the parasite, and perform the rusher attack - that way you won't have to care about when the parasite exits his hole. If it throws out those claw-like creatures, kill them and resume your position. Soon he should be dead and all the plants become resurrected! Yay!

 Speak to the Ra Tree to obtain the GrassPin. The Ra Tree tells you that you should head to the north. There isn't much to do in Evegreen at this point, except maybe buy a new armor (Ra Armor) - I usually save my money though. So get going. Unless you wanna listen to the soothing music and just enyoy your time there... When you're ready, leave the place.

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