Tower 5


 Once back in Crysta, speak to Elle. As you talk to her, she'll notice that Crystal Thread you found while in Tower 4, and asks for it so that she can weave it in a cape. She then tells you it'll be finished by tomorrow, and you should better get some sleep. So go to your house and sleep.

 You'll wake up in the middle of the night. Speak to Elle again, and when the sequence is over go back to bed. Speak with Elle one final time after you've woke up to get the ElleCape!

 Head to Tower five. It's southeast of Tower four. Equip the ElleCape, and this time you can get past that pesky Guardian. The fifth tower is the easiest of them all. No way you can get lost in there, so make your way to the top of the tower.

 On the top floor, don't go into the light! I know it's tempting, but it will only make you fall to the beginning of the tower. Instead, go past to the next room, speak to the guardian and prepare to meet the boss of tower five; Shadowkeeper!

 Shadowkeeper is the first real boss you'll come across. He's fairly easy, all you have to do is to block his shots and go berserk on him when he tries to hit you with his claws, destroying his claws in the process.

 After his claws are destroyed, all you have to do is stand in front of him hitting him on the head and block the energy rays, while watching out for his tail. After a while he can't even shoot on you, so then it's just tapping the A button until he perishes. Eventually you'll beat him. If you're having problems, try using a firering or two.

 After you've beat Shadowkeeper, you've resurrected Australia and rescued all the villagers. Yet the fun isn't over yet - there are two more optional areas to beat.

 The first place is just east of Crysta, and south of Tower 4. It looks like a small building of some sort. Kill all the enemies in there and enter the door to ressurrect Polynese. To kill the wisps on the platform, simply chuck a pot or two on them. Level up to level 7 if you're not there already; you'll thank me later on.

 The other place is north of Tower three, at the northern pensiluna. Just search around that area until you find it. Move the stones out of the way and enter the door to resurrect Mu. If you screw up, exit and reenter that place.

 Right, now you're all set. Return to Crysta, and speak with the Elder. He'll tell you about a hole and that you should meet him there. But first, go to the merchant and stock up on S.Bulbs, M.Bulbs and P.Cures - you never know when those come in handy. Also, go see Elle before you depart.

 All set? Said your goodbyes? Good. Exit Crysta and head east. There you will find the Hole. Enter, speak to the Elder and answer "let's go". Jump into the hole. Congratulations, you've successfully beat Chapter 1.

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