Tower 4


 Two more to go! As soon as you enter, you'll have to face three ordinary cadets... No sweat, just kill them. Tower four has a whole lot of tightrope walking. Start with killing everything for the experience.

 Hmm... This floor has no way up! A spirit will tell you that you sometimes has to take bold chances. Well, what are you waiting for? Jump into the pit! You'll end up on the floor below.

 On this floor there seems to be no way up either... But no sweat. Simply jump into any hole other than the southwest hole, preferrably the Northwest hole. Walk the path and destroy everything, then climb the spiral staircase.

 Remember this floor? Head down and destroy anything in your path, and make sure you pick the 44 Gem treasure chest on the left and the Magirock on your right. Go back and head up the next staircase, and the staircase after that, to get to floor 2.

 In here, walk the south rope and you'll come across a magirock on a platform along the way. Then after the ropes, head north to get to two chests containing a M.Bulb and a Life Potion. Jump down back to the room with 4 pits, and this time take the southeast pit.

 Just follow the path until you get to the 3rd floor. There, make sure you take the Crystal Thread. Walk south and again walk the south rope to get over to the other side. Walk north, get the final Magirock and cross the rope to the door. Prepare to fight the Dancing Huball Troupe!

 The troupe isn't hard to kill off. All you need to do is to whack off one of the huballs from the line and finish it off. If it rolls beyond your reach, don't worry about it; It'll be dead soon enough anyway. As soon as you kill off the last Huball, wait around for a little while and you'll be sent back to the door.

 Enter the door to resurrect North America, as well as bring back life to all the people in the Elder's Mansion. You can go to the fifth tower now, but the Guardian won't let you get further than the first floor. Instead, return to Crysta.

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