Tower 3


 Right. This tower is fairly straightforward. At the start, just walk on and stop to let the blocks build you a bridge. Do the usual drill and kill everything you can. Let yourself follow one of the falling bridges down into the deep to get a magirock, then take the stairs back up and run over those blocks.

 To get the chest (contains an S.Bulb), there is a hidden opening - Simply press yourself against the right wall and move up/down to find it. Continue to the next floor.

 On this floor you'll have your first encounter with a new enemy; The guardner. Guardners can put you to sleep and then create a vaccum to send you back to the beginning of the Tower. You can kill them if you use the slider (Run+B+A) or looper (B+A) attacks.

 To get over to the other side at the part with the 4 switches, use the switches to make a diagonal bridge, then cross. Move on to the next floor, and watch out for that guardner.

 This floor actually consists of three parts; I'll describe them all in turn. First part is pretty much straightforward. Just dodge the spears and be on your way.

 Second part contains a chest with the sleepless seal (equip it ASAP - It makes those Guardners less irritating to deal with) in the southwest corner, and a Magirock in the southeast corner (see image above).

 To open the doors, activate both switches, but don't enter directly - A huge swarm of huballs will come through the door and attack you. Kill them for the experience, then move on to the next part.

 Right, this is the final room in this tower. Go out on the platform in the middle to face the three cadets.

 The cadets are sneaky and the real one is always the one behind your back. So run down to the south wall, facing down. When the cadets appear - kill the one to the north. Run to the south wall and face down again. Repeat until you've hit the correct cadet three times.

 Enter the door to ressurrect Africa, and return life to the Domicile people. Now head to Tower four, which is east of Tower three.

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