Tower 2


 Tower two is perhaps the easiest of the five towers, containing less monsters than average but a few more puzzles. When you first enter the tower, go up the stairs and to the right to get 30 Gems in a chest. There is also a Magirock on the left side.

 Bet you're searching yourself blind for a place to get up eh? No sweat it; If you've killed all the enemies on that floor, you should've come upon a soul that tells you to pay heed to the gem in the statues faces; On the left and right, there are two waterfalls, each surrounded by one "white" and one "red" statue. Push the red statues away from the waterfalls to open up a new way, then climb the staircase on the right.

 On the second floor, there are two switches, one on the left and one on the right, but you can only go further from the left. Start with the right side, and push the switch as well as take the Magirock. Then head back down to the first floor, get over to the left side and go up and repeat the procedure. Proceed to the next floor.

 On the third floor, you have to push four switches. This is easily done; Either take the left path or the right path. Push the red statues out of the way to activate all switches.

 On the fourth floor, there is a magirock in the Northwest corner. Take it. There are also two red statues, one on the left and one on the right. Push those two away from the middle to open the door to the final floor, or push either one of them in any other direction to get a swarm of monsters to appear. I'd suggest you level up to level five in here; you're going to need those levels later on.

 On the fifth and final floor, pick up a pot and run when you throw it to get it all the way to the switch on the island. Talk to the Guardian, enter the door and you've managed to resurrect South America as well as rescue the mill workers! Wooh!

 Head back over the bridge and continue north to get to Tower 3.

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