Tower 1


 If you haven't equipped your spear and armor yet, do so. As you approach the tower, a face will appear asking you what is your business there. Answer however you'd like - it doesn't matter.

 First floor is easy - simply kill the three Huballs to proceed. It's actually a good idea to kill everything you can for the experience. Oh yeah, and if you get hurt, the CrySpear will slowly heal you.

 The second floor is also easy. To the right, there is a Magirock. If you kill one of the wisps on the middle platform, you'll release a soul. Speak to the soul and it will open the door for you.

 The third floor is slightly trickier. In the northwest corner, there is a Magirock. There is a spirit in the southeast corner that gives you a clue about how to proceed.

 In the southwest corner there is a treasure with an S. Bulb in. There's also two windows in the south wall, one of which happens to be broken. Climb out the broken window and climb the chains to the next floor.

 The fourth floor is fairly basic. First run down the steps and get the Magirock, then just kill everything and enter the fifth floor.

 On the fifth floor, walk up to the Guardian and talk to him. If you're playing on an emulator, there is a bug here that might freeze the ROM. I have no idea why it occurs but it seems to work fine if you enable sound.

 The guardian summoned 4 red huballs to destroy you. Oh no! Actually they're patheticly easy. Just whack loose on them. I've found that the Rushing (tap A rapidly) or Dash (Y+A) attacks work best. Once you're done, enter the door the guardian was standing in front of.

 Yay! You beat tower one, ressurected Eurasia and returned life to the weaver's place. After you've witnessed the amazing (well, amazing for being on a Snes) ressurection scene, Head north and west across the bridge to get to tower 2.

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