After Elle has left your room and you can move freely, walk out of your room and explore the house you're in. When you're ready, go speak to the Elder. It doesn't matter whether you apologise or make an excuse; You'll be sent off to the weavers place. Don't bother with the treasure chests; You'll get them soon enough anyway. Leave the house.

 You're now in Crysta. Pretty nice soap bubbles eh? ;) Walk around the village, talk to any people you meet and just get a feel of this wonderful game. Try throwing pumpkins, cabbages and pots on different persons, or eating apples. Whenever you feel like it, go into the weaver's place and apologise, then return to the Elder's house.

 Go into the room with the blue door, and you'll discover your friends are up to mischief. It doesn't matter if you want to help them or not with the door; In the end, you have to help them anyway. To open the door, throw two pots on it to break it. Go down the stairs to the basement.

 Continue on the path. Soon you'll encounter a box, and free Yomi from it. Yomi will give you a personal tour inside the box. The box in itself is the menu system of the game, so I advice you pay attention and listen to what he has to say.

 After you've obtained the CrySpear, you'll return outside to find a concerned Elle. After a little chit-chat, Elle will be frozen. Return to ground level.

 When you get back up, you realise that whatever froze Elle apparently froze everyone else as well, except for the Elder and the shopkeepers whom by some unknown fluke managed to escape the spell. At the exit of the building, the Elder is waiting.

 Speak to the Elder and agree to save the villagers. The Elder will tell you the gate is open, but before you go exit the building, go to the Elder's room and open the two chests which contain a S.Bulb and 50 Gems. Now exit the Elder's house, and Ark will notice you can now exit the village. Do so.

 Now you're outside. Don't you just love the cool music? :D Go west and soon enough you'll discover a tower. This is Tower 1. Enter to begin your quest.

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