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Rite of Valor

Logos will explain the Rite. You basically have to find a way to Hydra Island and kill- what else- the Hydra. Not very easy-sounding if you know what the Hydra is...

After your meeting, Rakeesh will talk to you by the Colloseum. He's on the verge of breaking his oath as a Paladin by seeking revenge against the Assassin, but manages to control his temper for a bit. Sadly, all's stopped short when the Assassin shows up, knocks Rakeesh down with a Poisoned Dagger, then leaves. Quickly give Rakeesh a Poison Cure Pill, or he's dead.

After this, you'll be talking to Logos again. He'll tell you that the pill will help Rakeesh survive in the short-term, but you'll need to find an actual cure if he's to survive.

Go to Marrak's shop, and buy both types of Pizza. Then talk to Andre to get some Anchovies. Next, pick some peppers from the vines in the Apothecary. Finally, go to the Dragon Pillar north of Silmaria to pick up some Beeswax in one of your Amphoras. (If you didn't get the Pegasus Feathers yet, kick yourself. Then head to Pegasus Mountain- you need them now!)

Your next stop is Science Island. Go to the south end of Silmaria, then head all the way east to reach a gate. Go through.

Now you have to get on a gondola to get to Science Island. Unfortunately, when you try to force the lever, it snaps. Use a Throwing Spear (you should still have some from the fortress) where the lever used to be. Pull it. Pull it again before the Gondola stops in front of you. Get on, then throw a dagger or a rock to start moving again.

You'll get off on the other side. Now you'll have to answer some bizzare trivia questions. They're completely random, so I can't really list them. Besides, they're dead easy.

After successfully answering five questions in a row, the entrance to the Acadamy will open. Inside, go to the moniter by the doorway for more questions- only this time, they're REAL science questions! AHHHHHH!!! Just use your brain power to solve these. Afterwards, you'll get a certain password. Write it down! You'll need it later on...

Now, go to your inventory. Combine the Jalapenos with the Pepporoni Pizza and the Anchovies with the Artichoke Pizza. Now, talk to whatever scientist is there. (Dr. Pretorious by day, Dr. Morbius by night.)

If Pretorious is there, give him the AA pizza; if Morbius, PJ. You'll then be able to use most things in the lab. You can't use the moniter on the second floor yet, though. Gort's in the way.

Behind the scientist will be a wooden frame. Use the beeswax on it first, then the leftover Pegasus Feather. You'll fly off like Icarus to Hydra Island.

Of course, we know what happened when Icarus got too close to the sun...

After, more or less, crash-landing, you'll be on Hydra Island. Head to the spot with the Hydra head to face- what else again- the Hydra. Before facing this monstrosity, however, collect the sap from the dead tree using one of your Amphoras. You'll thank me on the next Rite.

Run up to the Hydra. Elsa will run out of nowhere and offer to help. Accept it! You can't beat the Hydra without her! Now comes yet another situation where your class matters.

If you're a Fighter or Paladin, you'll have to cut off the heads. This is easy. To knock off the side heads, stand on the ledges beside them and attack like no tommorrow. Hydras can grow back heads, but Elsa will burn the stump, keeping the Hydra from respawning heads. To get rid of the center one, go to the bottom floor and cut again. Fight over.

If you're a Wizard, you'll have a choice whether to cut off the heads or burn the stump. Choose to burn. Stand at the bottom and ready your Flame Dart spell. When the head goes off, cast Flame Dart on it.

If you're a Thief, choose to burn the stump. Equip your torch. When Elsa cuts off a head, run to the stump and burn it. Be quick, though- if you take too long, the head will grow back.

After the monster finally croaks, search it to take some Hydra scales and its teeth, the proof that you slew the monster. Elsa will be pissed off that she seemingly got nothing for all her help. If you want to marry her, or just want to be honorable, give her the teeth. Either way, propose a search for treasure.

Inside the cave, Elsa will take a Magic Bow and leave. Grab the drachmas and the Magic Helmet from the floor, then move to the chest. Fighters and Paladins should make sure they are at full health, then try to force it open. Wizards should casts Trigger on it from a distance. Thieves should disarm the trap. Loot the 2000 drachmas, Magic Chainmail, rope, and Shrink spell, then use your magnets to return to the inn.

If you gave the teeth to Elsa, sleep a day. You'll be summoned in the middle of the night to the Hall of Kings for Elsa's victory. If not, just show the teeth to the gaurd, like always. End Rite.

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