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Magic operates differently in QFG than in other RPGs; many of the spells can be used for general things. Below are the spells, their MP cost, their value, and their usefulness (as I see it). The higher the score, the better the spell.

Old Spells

Spell NameWizards OnlyDescriptionMP Cost
OpenYesThis opens locks and doors. Will not work on all doors6
Detect MagicNoReveals any nearby magical enchantments or traps5
DazzleNoThis blinds the enemies, rendering them temporarily immobile15
CalmNoWorks just like Dazzle, but lasts longer25
TriggerYesThis sets off magical traps, as well as releases stored magical energy10
ZapNoYour weapon is temporarily charged with electricity for the next attack10
Flame DartNoThis shoots a fireball at an opponent10
Force BoltNoA small projectile is launched at the enemy. It can bounce off walls12
Lightning BallYesThis shoots a ball of lightning at the enemy. If used with the staff, a lightning bolt is created instead15
FrostbiteNoThe only area-attack spell in the game; this will go through Reversal40
LevitateYesThis allows you to float up and down10 per second
Juggling LightsNoThis creates a mirage of lights that illuminate darkened areas8
ReversalYesThis creates a barrier that bounces all magic away from you8
ResistanceNoThis protects you from environmental damage10
AuraNoThis protects you from the life-draining powers of the undead10
ProtectionNoThis protects you from physical attacks8
HideYesThis makes you completely invisible as long as you stand still15
Summon StaffYesThis summons a magical staff, increasing your magic power. (You must complete the Magic Staff Side Quest in order to gain this spell)50

New Spells

Spell NameLocationDescriptionMP Cost
FascinationMagic ShopThis creates a host of lights that attract dumb monsters before exploding20
BoomMagic ShopA glowing skull is launched; it explodes when anything gets close30
AugmentDead Centaur WizardsThis increases the power of the next spell cast20
RIPMagic ShopThis allows you to sleep on the World Map without encountering enemiesDoes not matter (MP is recharged)
ShrinkHydra CaveThis reduces the opponent to a hilariously small size. It will not work on bosses50
WhirlwindErasmus's HouseThis traps the enemy in a whirlwind, allowing you to escape50
First AidErana gives this to WizardsRestores 100 HP10
Dragon FireKatrina gives this to WizardsThis summons a giant dragon's head, which blasts the area with fire and brimstone; the most powerful spell in the game100
Thermonuclear AttackSchool (Wizard's only)This vaporizes anything within a ten-mile radius with a giant mushroom cloud (including the Hero)Doesn't matter (You'll be dead)

Paladin Abilities
Note: Paladin Abilities are gained with Honor.

Ability NameRequired HonorDescription
Sense Danger0Any nearby dangers are routed out be the Paladin instantly
Healing300This takes your SP and uses it to heal your HP
Honor Shield325This forms a barrier around the Paladin, protecting him from damage (but lowering his SP)
Magic Ward350As long as this is in effect, whenever you set off a magical trap, your SP drops instead of your HP
Destroy Undead375This kills undead creatures instantly. It's the best way to deal with Shades and Manes
Peace400This works just like the Calm spell. (Don't attack enemies affected by this; you'll lose Honor)
Sense Aura425This shows the goodness and intentions of a person
Holy Strength450This sends your strength sky-high. It can go as far as 750 with this ability
Awe475This sends any nearby enemies retreating from your general goodness; a lifesaver in the Seventh Rite