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Accessories work as follows:
1. Only one can be equipped at a time
2. They have no weight restrictions
3. There are two styles: Jewelry (for those you seek to marry) and Amulets (for yourself)
Now read on!


NameLocationWhat it doesValue (if any)
Katta PinRakeesh gives this to youAs far as I can tell, this simply looks good. No real use.None
Shell NecklaceSarra's StandAbsolutely useless. Will not be accepted by any of the girls. You can wear it for a tropical vacation feel, however.10d
JewelrySarra's Stand, HouseUnlike the shell necklace, girls WILL accept this as a gift. After all, jewels are a girl's best friend (wait, that was DIAMONDS?).40d
Hera's RingSarra's StandThis is the game's engagement ring. When you've wooed a woman enough, you can attempt to marry her by offering the ring. Hopefully she'll accept...500d
King's RingLogos gives this to you after talking to Rakeesh about the Ring of TruthThis is required for the Ring of Truth side quest. Besides that, it has no real use.None
Ring of TruthComplete the Ring of Truth side questWhen worn, the wearer cannot tell a lie, and can sense when others are lying. This is a valuable tool in investigations.None


NameLocationWhat it doesValue (if any)
Attack AmuletIos, MansionWhen worn, this increases your attack power. Perfect for those who want to cut down the enemy quickly.None
Defense AmuletParos, MansionThis increases your defense. For those who can't help but get the crap beat out of them.None
Good Luck CharmSarra's StandThis raises your luck. I don't know if luck does anything, but in case it does, this might be nice to have around.200d
Atlas ArmbandNaxos, MansionThis makes your muscles bulge with new-found power (in other words, your strength goes up). Perfect for those who hit hard.None
Magic Charm BraceletMagic ShopThis increases the power of your magic. Now the only force more powerful than you is cheese.1500d
Stealth CharmSchool, MansionIf you were too lazy to raise your stealth the honest way, this could give you that missing boost. Great for Thieves (especially since only they can get it).None
Water Breathing AmuletErana or Katrina (depending on who you freed) gives this to you during the sixth riteThis allows you to breath water while swimming, thus removing the risk of drowning. Needed for the sixth rite.None