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Sidequests are anything you can do that doesn't affect the actual story. In this section I have created a list of these events.


If you go to the second floor of the Dead Parrot Inn, you'll notice a board with names written on it. These are the fighters for the colloseum. You can make bets on the fights, if you feel like it. Just don't EVER bet on Gort. Or, better yet, when you get to fight, bet on yourself-you can beat most of the opponents easily.

Saving Ann's Inn:

Ann is in trouble. Her Inn is a financial disaster, and Ferrari is threatening to take it away from her. Let's be nice and help her.

1. At the end of the Rite of Valor, go to the Apothecary, talk to Salim and Julaner, then say good-bye. They'll give you some magic seeds. Give them to Ann (unless you want to marry Erana).
2. After showing Ann the Painting, tell her about Wolfie. Then go and tell Wolfie about Ann. He'll pain the inn.
3. During the Rite of Peace, enter the inn at night through the front door. Ann will ask you to dance for her. Do so.
4. If you're a Thief, give Ferrari the Blackbird for the deed. If you're any other class, give him the Peace Statue during the Rite of Justice. Give Ann the deed.


Thieves get to break into houses and steal anything that isn't nailed to the floor. There are only three places to steal from, and one of them is part of another quest.

First, there's an abandoned house by the Colloseum. Wait until night, then pick the lock. Use a Torch to light the area. Pry the cupboard open to get a Dagger. Take the Alabaster Amphora from the table, and check behind the coach for the Gold Ring. Search the drawers for 20 drachmas. Now move the painting. To disarm the trap hidden behind the painting, memorize the positions of the dancer, then watch the little clip. Select the panel that has the dancer on the same position as the middle dancer. Do this three times. DON'T SCREW UP FIVE TIMES!!! Now leave the house.

Next stop: The bank. When the Gaurd in front isn't looking at the bank door, sneak by and pick the lock. Once inside, disarm the trap on the safe and come away with 5000 drachmas. Use your magnets to escape. If you try a second time, a gaurd will be inside. Use the Blackjack to knock him out, then repeat the process. DON'T GO A THIRD TIME!! YOU WILL BE CAUGHT!!!

The Blackbird:

During the Rite of Peace, Elsa will stop by your room (all classes). Thieves, however, can see her a second time by sleeping an additional night. Make sure you have ALL of the Thief tools, and take the sheet from your bed. When Elsa shows up, she'll mention that Minos has the real Blackbird statue. She'll take you to his mansion.

Once on the island, sneak behind the Goon and blackjack him. Now sneak past the main gate and to a dead tree. Use your Grapple on it to climb up to the cliff. Walk along the cliff until you get to the mansion. Jump off and blackjack the archer, then pick the lock on the door and go inside. Blackjack the Goon on the main floor, then use your Grapple on the far left corner of the balcony to climb up. Open the door to enter the Treasury.

You can either kill the Goons or blackjack them-it doesn't matter. Take note that EVERYTHING in this room is trapped. Take the Winged Lion Statue, then use your Grapple to climb on top of the middle-left alcove. Use the sheet to take the Magic Statue-don't touch it with your bare hands! Now disarm the traps. Don't touch the back-left alcove yet-you'll need it later. Your target, though, is in the middle-right alcove, so after you've had your share of looting, take the Blackbird. Use your magnets to escape.

You now have the Blackbird! You can either give it to Ferarri right now or continue on to the next quest.

Chief Thief contest:

If you enter the Thieve's Guild, there'll be a contest for Chief Thief. The only way you can win is to get the Blackbird. After stealing it from Minos, give it to Wolfie and ask for an imitation. Leave the screen, then come back to pick it up. Ask him about the Blackbird to get the real one back.

Give the real Blackbird to Ferrari. Now wait until night. Use your Grapple on the House (the one you broke into) to climb onto the roof. Climb down the ledge by Ferrari's house, then jump onto the balcony. Go to the middle window. Use your Oil on it, then your Toolkit, then just click the action icon on it and select Use your Toolkit. Sneak downstairs and take the Alabaster Amphora. Go to the painting and disarm the trap. Push the table to the door and climb on top of it. Use the fake Blackbird on the real one to swap the two. Leave the same way you came in, then use your magnets.

Return to the Thieves' Guild. Give the Blackbird to Arestes. You won the contest. Now you've unlocked an alternate ending.

The Bank Robber:

On the third day, go to the bank. Someone busted in last night. Take the toolkit and wait until 5 PM. You'll see the thief, Arestes, sitting in the Dead Parrot Inn. Wait until he leaves, then follow him to the Thieves' Guild. Either cast Trigger on the door or suffer the trap, then go inside.

Arestes will try to weasel his way out. Tell him about Erasmus to make him turn himself in. You'll get a reward of 2000 drachmas. Now head to the Jail to see Arestes. He'll tell you how he lost his arm. Tell Julaner about him, and she'll heal his arm.

Sarra's Basket:

Sarra has lost her basket. You should be nice and help her. Go to the beach just south of Silmaria. Keep wandering around until you find it. Take it, then go back to Silmaria. Your reward: a shell necklace.

The Ring of Truth

1. Go to Rakeesh on the first day as a Paladin. Talk to him, and he'll eventually mention the Ring of Truth. Ask about it, and you'll go to the Hall of Kings to get the King's Ring.

2. Get yourself injured, then use the King's Ring on yourself.

3. Go to Dragon Fire and use the King's Ring on the lava.

4. During the Fifth Rite, use the ring on the Styx water to finish the sidequest.

The Ring of Truth can sense lies.

The Magic Staff

Talk to Sharrak about magic as a Wizard to learn about the Magic Staff. You'll need some magical wood, though. Get it during the fourth rite, then return to Sharrak BEFORE the fifth rite! If you don't, you'll lose this awesome spell/weapon!