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Returning Characters:

Previous games: All of them
Background: The hero of four lands, he has traveled farther than most would want to. Graduated from the Famous Adventurers' Correspondance School for Heroes at the top of his class, and definately shows it. He's the only character you control.

Previous games: QFG1
Background: The daughter of Baron Stephen von Speilburg, she's somewhat of a tomboy. After the hero had saved Speilburg, something happened to the Baron, and his son, Bernard, took over. Elsa left his dumb-ass rule (play the first game) and set out, along with Toro, to find her own kingdom.

Previous games: QFG1
Background: Found as a calf by Elsa, Toro grew to become a massive minotaur. Despite his gruff looks, he's actually quite nice, as long as you don't threaten Elsa; he has fierce loyalty to her. He became the Guildmaster after the previous one retired and handed it to the first person he saw. He uses an axe for a weapon.

Previous games: QFG2, QFG3
Background: Rakeesh is a liontaur (half-man, half-lion). Once the king of the liontaurs, he left after suffering a greivous wound from the Demon Wizard. He then became a Paladin so others could be helped. Being a master paladin, he can use all sorts of abilities, especially the flaming sword. Sadly, if you don't give him a Poison Cure Pill, he'll die.

Previous games: QFG1, QFG2, QFG4
Background: The unbelievably eccentric wizard Erasmus loves to play games and tell bad jokes. He's very dangerous if angered, however; fortunately, he usually isn't like that. His houses are always gaurded by a bunch of riddles. Silmaria is home to his Summer Estate.

Previous games: QFG1, QFG2, QFG4
Background: The little rat Fenris is Erasmus's familiar. A lover of cheese and good jokes, he seems almost opposite of Erasmus. In fact, he goes to great length to humiliate his master, not realizing that the old man can vaporize him in an instant. Sadly, he's more annoying than anything else; his voice-over sucks big time.

Sam the Banker:
Previous games: QFG1
Background: Sam the Banker was Sam the Beggar back in QFG1. After the valley was saved, tourism shot up, and the guy made enough money to move to Silmaria and start his own bank in only a week. It's not much of a career change; he still begs for other people's money.

Previous games: QFG3
Background: A hippy of an Apothecary, this pot-smoking, tye-dye shirt wearing guy met Julanar after you told him about her. He returned her to humanity, married her, and went to Silmaria, where they apparantly have a recycling center. His potions and pills are important.

Previous games: QFG2
Background: When she was turned into a tree, she lost all hope. When the hero restored her hope, she gave him a fruit of the heart. When Salim showed his true love, she became human. She has a lot of magical power, and can heal all of your HP.

Previous games: QFG2
Background: A harem girl in Rasier, she moved to Silmaria along with Ferrari. Her dances continue to entice men, but she has her eye on the hero...

Previous games: QFG2
Background: An overweigth harem girl, she serves the drinks at the Dead Parrot Inn, rather than dancing like Nawar. Ferrari's decision, I guess...

Previous games: QFG2
Background: He got out of prison somehow (probably through Ferrari's influence), and now hangs around the Dead Parrot Inn. He still sells you information. On another note, he's the nephew of the Chief Thief from QFG4.

Signor Ferrari:
Previous games: QFG2
Background: Ferrari is still on his quest for a quick buck and the legendary Blackbird. He runs the Colloseum and the Dead Parrot Inn, and rented out land to Ann to start her inn. Unfortunately, he isn't a very patient person...

Previous games: QFG2
Background: Abdul was a fat guard in Rasier. He now serves as a guard at the Dead Parrot Inn. He also fights in the Colloseum.

Previous games: QFG4 (mentioned in all others)
Background: Half-human, half-fairy, Erana personified all that was good. She created various gardens for travellers to rest safely in, and tried her best to help all she could. She eventually gave her life to banish Avoozl, but her spirit was sealed away. When she was released from her prison, she finished the job, then went to peace in Hades. She apparantly loves the Hero.

Previous games: QFG4 (kinda mentioned in 2 and 3)
Background: Katrina served as the Dark Master before going to Hades. She plotted to cover the lands in darkness, thus allowing herself and her vampire kin to be able to leave their coffins at all times. She also controlled Ad Avis, until she accidently attacked him. She used the hero in the beginning, but he grows on her, until she falls in love with him and sacrifices herself to save his life.

New Characters:

Background: Logos acted as an advisor to the king, and speaker of the council. When the king was murdered, he was nominated to ascend to the throne. He declined, and now acts as mediator to the Rites of Rulership. He announces all of the Rites, and also gives valuable clues and insights into matters.

Background: A descendant of King Minos, the former ruler of Crete, this man acts rather calm considering his family's been out of power for generations. He acted as an advisor to the king, and requested that the council choose a king rather than go through the Rites. When his idea was overturned, he sponsered Else, whom he believes to be the most rightful ruler. Something doesn't smell right, though...

Background: A Silmarian guard, Kokeeno is fiercely loyal to his kingdom. He joined the guard at 16, and quickly became a distinguished soldier. He wishes to rule Silmaria in order to show his undying love. Sadly, he never gets the chance; he's killed during the Rites at the hands of the assassin.

Magnum Opus:
Background: A stuck-up warrior from Rome, Magnum simply enters the contest so he can show everyone that he's the best. The guy can fight, but has the brain capacity of a piece of sand. He is thankfully killed by the assassin (I never really liked him).

Background: A Frankenstein-ish monster created by the scientists, Gort is a massive giant. Although he suffers a speech impedinment, his heart is in the right place; sadly, the scientists control his every move. He eventually splits from the Rites (he either quits or gets disqualified), and then shows up to fight the dragon in order to show that he is a hero, too.

Dr. Pretorious:
Background: A scientist who looks something like Einstein. Pretorious runs Science Island during the day. Like all scientists, he does not believe in magic, and will go to any means to get his point across...

Dr. Morbius:
Background: This guy runs Science Island at night. Besides that, he's just like Pretorious.

Background: A young fisherman, Andre loves his job. Unfortunately, he can't get to the deep waters due to the Atlantians, and can only get Anchovies for the time being. He makes a second living by selling boat tours.

Gnome Ann:
Background: A small, plump gnome, Ann runs the Gnome Ann's Land Inn (no pun intended). Being a gnome, she has a love for practical jokes, and so does her staff (they botch up every meal somehow- not to say the food's that good to begin with). Unfortuantely, she's fallen behind on her payments to Ferrari, and unless they're made soon, she'll lose her Inn.

Background: Pholus is a gruff-and-tuff centaur. He was once a member of the Silmarian Army, but since then left and became a blacksmith. He runs the Weapon's shop.

Famous Adventurer:
Background: The Famous Adventurer (FA for short) is a grizzled traveller. He started his own school, from which our hero graduated. Since then, he's been writing a lot about various things, and asking why nobody reads his works.

Background: Wolfie is a wolf-like shop owner. He basically acts like a slave to all his customers.

Background: Marrak runs the food shop. He's a Katta. Enough said.

Background: Sarra runs the Jewelry shop. She's a Katta. She's Marrak's wife. Enough said.

Background: A former sailor, Arestes quit his job when he went one way and his arm went another. He has since then been acting as the fencer for the Thieves' Guild, trading valuable items for cash.

The Sybil:
Background: The Sybil has the power to see the future. Take what she says very seriously; her predictions are almost never off...

Gaurdian of the dead:
Background: The Gaurdian of the Dead watches over all the souls in Hades. When the hero shows up, he has to release one soul, or his continued presence will further disrupt things.

Background: As the official guard dog of hell, Cerberus's job is to make sure no living enter Hades, and no soul leaves Hades. He's effectively immortal, but can be worn down a bit. He also has quite an appetite; unfortunately, all three of his heads have different tastes...

Background: Rakeesh's only son, Shakra followed in his mother's footsteps and became a wizard. He runs the Magic Shop, where he sells spells and assorted magic goods. He will also like to be taught new spells. Be sure to buy all spells from him BEFORE the fifth rite...

Queen of Atlantis:
Background: Once, Atlantis was a mighty nation, rivaling even Silmaria. Then, when the Dragon came, it caused so much destruction to the Atlantian continent that the whole damn thing sank into the ocean. The people evolved into Merfolk in order to survive. The Queen is leading her subjects to war with Silmaria. She claims that the Silmarian fishermen are killing her subjects and trapping them in nets (I suspect the Mercenaries). The hero must find some way to make peace with them...

Background: Claudius is the leader of the group of Hesperian Mercenaries that are ravaging Silmaria. Hired by an unknown factor to cause havoc, they've accomplished their goal, siezing several small fishing villages along the coast of Crete. Their lair is a large fortress on the island of Sifnos, where Claudius awaits anyone foolish enough to challange him.

Background: The Hydra is a terrifying creature. It's three heads have the ability to regenrate after they have been cut off, making fighting one a very difficult ordeal. The only way to destroy it is to burn the stump immediately after removing the head...

Background: I'm not telling! Find out yourself!

Dragon of Doom:
Background: A perfectly generic name, isn't it? The Dragon nearly destroyed Silmaria and leveled Atlantis years ago. Several ancient spells were used on seven Dragon Pillars, creating a seal around the Dragon's lair. A smaller version of the pillars, the Prophecy Stone, was added as a final key to holding the seal together. If the Pillars and Stone are destroyed or displaced, the Dragon will once again escape. When that happens, will anyone be able to stop it?