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This is just an explanation of the various stats and skills in QFG5.

Strength: Pretty basic. Measures how strong you are physically. High strength is needed to break doors, pound monsters, and break locks. Mucho importante for Fighters, and, to a lesser degree, Paladins. Strength also helps determine your HP.
Increase by: Exercising on the Treadmill and attacking in combat.

Intelligence: The brains for the brawn. Intelligence basically says how smart the hero is. This is especially important for Wizards because 1. It factors into your MP, and 2. It helps regulate how effective your magic is.
Increase by: Solving puzzles, reading books and using magic.

Agility: If your hero has high agility, they can possibly double as a tightrope walker. Agility helps to determine how quickly you move. This also helps you boost your SP. Important for Thieves.
Increase by: Using some theif skills, climbing, or dodging in combat.

Vitality: This stat is probably the most important thing in the game! Master it well! It measures how well you can take damage, and works into your HP and SP! Build this up good!
Increase by: Doing just about ANYTHING physical. I usually used the treadmill in
the Adventurer's Guild.

Luck: I need help on this one. Is this just...there? So far it hasn't affected my games at all.
Increase by: Doing anything.

Offense: The fighting stat. Fighters and Paladins are especially good at this. This is one of the three skills everyone starts out with.
Increased by: Fighting. That's it, just...fighting.

Defense: Well, dodge is pretty useless in this game, so this stat acts a lot like Parry in the other games. It measures how well you can block attacks with either a weapon or shield. Used by all classes.
Increased by: Blocking attacks.

Stealth: Need to sneak into a fortress, but don't want to wake up the neighborhood? Say no more! Stealth measures how well you can "sneak" into places, therefore avoiding attention. Important for Thieves, since they 1.Start with it, and 2.Need to avoid fights.
Increase by: Sneaking around.

Lockpicking: Yet another Thief skill. A locked chest in the way? A cell door blocking your escape? No problem! Use a toolkit and bust outta there!
Increase by: Picking locks (a good place is in Ann's inn)

Throwing: The perfect way to get rid of a problem before it reaches you! This measures your accuracy in throwing spears, rocks, and daggers. Thieves will LOVE this skill!
Increase by: Throwing stuff (practice at the target just outside of town).

Climbing: Simple. This allows you to climb things. Originally only thieves could climb, but Fighters and Paladins gained the skill in QFG4.
Increased by: Climbing things. That easy.

Acrobatics: Everybody was Kung-Fu fighing! Okay, enough of that. Anyway, this skill allows you to perform cool martial arts moves! Thieves are REALLY good at this!
Increased by: Attacking unarmed. Keep doing this until your slash attack (G key) triggers a spin kick.

Magic: Pretty obvious. Tells how good your magic is. Factors into your MP. You need this skill in order to use ANY magic.
Increase by: Using magic (obviously!).

Swimming: Allows you to swim. Learned from a book in the school. You can only stay underwater for a short time at first, and can't use any weapons besides daggers and spears, or any armor besides leather armors.
Increased by: Swimming.

Pickpocketing: Buy a Pickpocket Knife to use this skill. VERY useless. Gains you very little cash, can easily cause a Game Over, and did I mention that it gains very little cash?
Increased by: Practicing pickpocketing on the dummy. Don't see why, though.

Honor: This skill is VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT to Paladins! This is how you gain and lose Paladin Abilities! Honor measures how truly good and heroic you are.
Increased by: Doing good deeds and keeping away from bad ones.

Hit Points (HP): Your life. You lose this whenever you get hurt, do an action with no stamina left, or go without sleep for long periods of time. If it reaches zero, it's Game Over.

Stamina Points (SP): This is your physical strength. Any action that requires physical energy will drain stamina. If the stamina runs out, your HP will drop whenever an action is used.

Magic Points (MP): This is your magical energy. This is decreased every time you cast a spell, and once it reaches zero, you'll have to either sleep or take some Mana Pills or Potions to restore it. This won't even appear if you don't have points in Magic.