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Monsters. They crawl out of the woodwork and attack the good people, striking terror into the hearts of even the strong. They must be stopped. Fortunately, we have big, strong heroes to accomplish that for us.

Humanoid Monsters

MercenariesAnywhere (before third rite), MansionStick close. If they get too far away, they'll pelt you to death with arrows. Not that hard.Sword, Shield, Arrows, Drachmas
Animal-menAnywhereThere are a bunch of varieties, but they're basically the same: just hit them until they die. No strategy neccessary.Drachmas, Spearheads, Stamina Pills, Leather Armor
GoonsAnywhere, MansionThey're dumb as a rock and twice as ugly. Just hit them until they die.Drachmas, Healing Pills, Stamina Pills, Vitality Potions, Healing Potions
GranglersAnywhere except MareteIf you have distance weapons, use them! Otherwise, stick with hit-and-run tactics until they croak.Drachmas, Vitality Potions, Healing Potions
WierdlingNorthern Marete (night only)Run. Just run. Don't fight unless you have a death wish.Drachmas, Magic Chainmail, Vitality Potion, Healing Potion

Flying Enemies

BattiesSouthern Marete (night only)They're small, and hard to hit, but weak. Really aren't worth your time.None
Winged HomunculiWestern Marete (night only)Bigger targets, so go wild. Just be careful when encountered in groups.None
DragonlingNorthwest Dragon Pillar (yes, that's it)I'd probably run from them, but if you want to fight, go ahead. Just prepare to die from their heinously evil Acid Breath.None

Underwater Enemies

Razored RemoraAnywhere underwaterUnderwater fighting is crap, but try if you like. They're pathetic, come to think about it.None
Walking SalamanderAnywhere underwater (VERY rare)The manual made a mistake; these guys don't walk, but rather swim. They're rare (I've only met a handful), but rather easy.None
DragonfishAnywhere underwaterMeet the underwater version of the Dragonling. These guys use a breath attack. Avoid like the plague.None
TritonsAtlantisThe hardest underwater enemy, IMO. These guys can use both Tridents and Force Bolt.Drachmas, Trident, Mana Pills, Mana Potion

Undead Enemies

LemuresHadesFirst, who named these guys? Second, they're pathetic. Don't bother with Destroy Undead; just smash them for good.None
ShadesMarete (night only), HadesThese guys drain your HP, so try to use Aura or stay away. Can kill with Destroy Undead. They cast Flame Dart.None
ManesHadesThe hardest none-boss in the game! These guys drain your life, fly, use swords and shields, cast Lightning Ball, and even breath fire! Either use Destroy Undead, or RUN LIKE HELL!!!None


Centaur WizardFortress, MansionThese guys LOVE to teleport and pound you from a distance. Use throwing weapons to even the score. You can also just use Trigger, but you'll miss a great spell.Drachmas, Magic Dagger, Augment Spell
General ClaudiusFortressThis guy comes in with a Magic Axe and a Magic Shield; in other words, he's ready. Stay away from corners (he'll kill you if you're trapped), and pound him into oblivion when he isn't attacking.Drachmas, Magic Axe, General's Shield
HydraHydra IslandThis guy has three heads that quickly grow back. Have Elsa help you, then either chop off the heads and have her burn the stump, or have her chop off the heads while she burns the stump. He's not very hard.Hydra Teeth, Hydra Scales
CerberusEntrance to HadesHe has three life bars, and a decent attack, but I find him rather easy. Stab him repeately while dodging or parrying his bite. You can bribe him as well, but this is for combat.Entrance to Hades
AssassinIn front of Adventurers' Guild (night, seventh rite)It's the assassin that's causing all this grief. His attacks poison you, but his strength and defence are pure crap. You can easily waste him in no time.Poison Dagger
MinotaurMansionThis is one of the handful of enemies to pose a huge challange. His axe hits hard, and has a long reach. Free Elsa, then pound him while she deals with the Goons.Minotaur Axe
Dragon of DoomDragon Fire (final battle)The big, bad Dragon's out for revenge! His fire breath will kill you in a few seconds, so use some Fire Proofing Oil as quickly as possible. When he's flying around, use throwing weapons. See the walkthrough for more specific details.The Ending