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One of the better things about QFG5 is the ability to marry. Although the wedding never
occurs in the game, you CAN get engaged. Here's how:


Elsa is rather easy to marry, if you have some extra cash.
1. Fight her in the Colloseum (prove your strength!)
2. Let her win the Rite of Valor
3. Give her Flowers, an accessory that deals with combat, and an Ice Diamond Sword
4. Whenever she shows up in your room, talk to her about ALL subjects
5. During the final rite, she'll stop by your room once again. Give her the Hera's Ring.


Nawar is EXTREMELY easy to marry.
1. Give her Jewelery, Flowers, and Chocolate
2. Stop by the Dead Parrot Inn EVERY night
3. Flirt with her constantly
4. Stop by the inn at midnight. She'll be standing on the balcony. Talk to her. Do this three nights.
4. After doing all this, offer her the Hera's Ring. She'll refuse, and ask you to sword-practice with Abdul outside of the Inn. Just attack him once, and a guard will end the fight.
5. Offer her the Ring again. She'll ask you to show up Ferrari. Thieves have to do the Blackbird sidequest, but everyone else can just give Ferrari the Peace Statue (after finishing the sixth rite, of course).
6. Offer the ring again. She'll accept.


Katrina can be pretty tough to hitch.
1. She only marries Fighters and Wizards-Thieves are too dishonest, and Paladins are too honest.
2.Visit her after freeing her from Hades (first thing), at the beggining of the sixth rite, after getting the Peace Statue, and finally, at the beggining of the Rite of Justice.
3. During your visits, give her Flowers, Chocolate, and a Defense Amulet.
4. During the Rite of Justice, offer her the ring.


Ah, Erana. We all love you.
1. Only Wizards and Paladins can marry her-she wants an honest guy (no thieves) who has a brain (no fighters).
2. Talk to her at the same times as Katrina.
3. Give her Flowers, Chocolate, and the Magic Seeds.
4. During the Rite of Justice, offer her the Hera's Ring.