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Pills and Potions

Healing PillsApothecary, dead GoonsRestores 100 of original HP10d
Stamina PillsApothecary, Animal-men, Dead GoonsRestores 200 of original SP5d (requires Pegasus Feather)
Poison Cure PillsApothecaryCures poison10d
Mana PillsMagic Shop, dead TritonsRestores 100 of original MP10d
Healing PotionApothecary, Dead Granglers, Dead Wierdlings, Dead Goons, MansionRestores all of original HP80d
Vitality PotionsApothecary, Dead Granglers, Dead Wierdlings, Dead Goons, MansionRestores all of original SP80d (requires Pegasus Feather)
Mana PotionApothecary, Mansion, Dead TritonsRestores all of original MP80d
Fireproofing OilApothecary, MansionProvided protection from fire damage60d (requires Hydra Scales)


FruitMarrak's StandA nice mixture of yummy fruits to help you grow strong and keep from starving to death! (Listen to your mother!)1d
GyroMarrak's StandA Greek taco, basically. It's a little more expensive than fruit, but tastes a lot better. Besides, it can have other uses...5d
Pepporoni PizzaMarrak's StandI never knew they had pizza back then. Anyway, this counts as a food, but it's main use is as a part of the Rites. Besides, pizza is good.15d
Artichoke PizzaMarrak's StandHow dare they defile pizza with the evils of artichokes! Anyway, this pizza is also used in the Rites, but since Artichokes suck, IMO, I wouldn't touch this thing in real life10d
JalapenosApothecaryThese things make your mouth burn, your eyes water, and your brain scream inside your head; in other words, they're hot. Does NOT count as a meal.None
AnchoviesAndre gives them to youAnchovies are pretty lousy, but some people do like them on their pizzas. Go figure.None
AA PizzaCombine Artichoke Pizza and AnchoviesIf someone is inhuman enough to enjoy such tastes, then this would be perfect for them. Required for third rite.None
PJ PizzaCombine Pepporoni Pizza and JalapenosA very spicy dish. Made for those with an iron stomach. Required for third rite.None
Sokolotak-yaMarrak's StandThese are delicious little chocolates packed in a box shaped like a heart. I think anyone can pick out what these are for...20d
Pink Chocolate BoxYour room at the beginning of the fifth riteThis smells like overripe fruit. Therefore, there's something foul afoot here. Give this to Salim as quickly as possible.None


Note: The drinks cannot be taken outside of the Dead Parrot Inn.

Greek CoffeeDead Parrot InnIt tastes like mud, smells like mud, and probably is mud. On the bright side, it does keep you alert.5d
AleDead Parrot InnA generic beer. Good for what "ales" ya!10d
OuzoDead Parrot InnA fine drink, really. It tastes like licorice.15d
RetsinaDead Parrot InnIt's a "pine" beer (stops puns). Really, it tastes like pine. Try it.20d
Today's SpecialDead Parrot InnThis drink changes daily; you never know what you'll end up with. Just be on the lookout for Dragon's Breath...25d

Thief Tools and Items

ToolkitThieves start with oneThis little baby picks locks, disarms traps, and cracks safes. No thief dares to go without it.None
OilThieves' GuildWhenever those squeky doors and windows block your thievery, use a little oil to shut them up!25d
TorchThieves' GuildWhen raiding the houses at night, a simple torch could lite the way (once lit)15d
GrapnelThieves' GuildOnce tied to a rope, this little baby can grab onto anything and pull you up.50d
Magic GrapnelRakeesh gives this to ThievesLike a regular grapnel, but magical; that, and it's free.None
BlackjackThieves' GuildA small, club-like item designed to knock out an enemy. It only works if the blow connects with the back of the head (in other words, you have to be behind the target)300d
Pickpocket KnifeThieves' GuildThis little item completely sucks. Pickpocketing is an almost certain way to end up in jail. Don't bother with this100d
BlackbirdMansionA small statue that has passed hands more than anything else. It is said to be worth a king's ransomNone


AmphoraWolfie's ShopThis small Grecian urn can hold various liquids. A good item to have around20d
Alabaster AmphoraHouse, Ferrari's HouseThis urn is too fragile to carry anything in, but can net quite a price in the thievery marketNone
Amphora with WaterUse Amphora on any normal streamNo use whatsoever. Then again, the hero may get thirsty...None
Hippocrene WaterUse Amphora on Hippocrene StreamWhen drank, this will restore your SP to full. Unfortunately, the one place it's located is a little out of the wayNone
Amphora of GooFill Amphora with sap from tree on Hydra IslandThe stuff inside reeks of stuff too horrible to imagine. This bonding agent is as strong as cement, and yet as light as a featherNone
Styx WaterHadesThis is the water to which even the Gods do binding. Required for fifth riteNone
Lethe WaterHadesWhen drank, this water causes you to curl up for quite a long nap. Be sure not to drink it yourselfNone

Other Items

DrachmaEverywhereThe official currency of Silmaria is the drachma. Be sure to have some of these on handNone
MapWolfie's ShopThis little baby reveals the locations of various things around Crete. Not as useful as you would imagine50d
Mystic MagnetsMagic ShopPut one magnet into the chest in your room. Whenever you need to return to Silmaria in a hurry, use the other one to be teleported directly to your room. INSANELY important!100d
TinderboxEveryone starts with oneThis kit includes a piece of steel and some flint which, when struck together, can create fireNone
FlowersApothecaryBeautiful little flowers that captivate the senses. Give these to the woman you loveNone
KeyAnn gives this to youThis unlocks the door to your room, as well as the door to the inn when it's lateNone
ShellsSeashoreYou can sell these to our favorite jewelry shop owner Sarra for 1d eachNone
BasketSeashore by NaxosGive this back to Sarra for a Shell Necklace and some HonorNone
SpearheadDead Animal-menThe broken remains of a spear's tip are all that's left. You can sell these to PholusNone
SigilsFishing VillagesThese small symbols represent a freed village. You need Naxos to win the first riteNone
ToolkitBank, MansionIn the bank case, it's proof of the thief's identity. In the mansion case, you need to use it to free ElsaNone
Pegasus FeathersTop of Pegasus PeaksThese magical feathers allow you to fly temporarily. They are also an ingredient in many pills and potionsNone
BeeswaxNorthern Dragon PillarThis stuff is a pliable substance. Needed for fourth and subsequent ritesNone
Hydra TeethDead HydraThese act as proof of your victory over the Hydra. You can either keep them for yourself, or give them to ElsaNone
Hydra ScalesDead HydraThese scales are just like those of a dragon. An ingredient in Fireproofing OilNone
SheetYour RoomA boring piece of square clothNone
PaintingWolfie's ShopA painting of a balloon. Needed for a very important thing100d
Sewn SheetShow Ann the Painting, give her the sheet, and wait a dayThis sheet is sewn to resemble the shape of a balloon. You need this for your very own balloonNone
BrazierMarrak's Stand after showing him the paintingA small cooking stove, it can also be used to heat things fairly quickly50d
RopeThieves' Guild, Hydra CaveA woven item that can tie things up securly. A good thing to have around35d
Magic SeedsApothecary (say Good-bye after fifth rite)These seeds sprout into flowers incredibly quickly. Give them to either Ann or EranaNone
Proof of DestinyDelosThis small token proves that you spoke to the Sybil and have fulfilled the fourth riteNone
Magic WoodDelosA reward for dancing with the Dryads, this wood will become your magic staff (a wizard-only item)None
Peace StatueAtlantisAn offering of peace between Atlantis and Silmaria. Needed to finish the sixth riteNone
DeedFerrari gives this to you in exchange for the Black Bird or Peace StatueThis is the deed to Ann's inn. If she has it, she won't have to worry about Signor Ferrari ever againNone
Black Lotus FlowerDelosA highly poisonous flower. Apparantly, the Assassin uses this; maybe it can yield an antidote...None