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Rite of Conquest

After a day, Logos will give the next Rite. Remember those mercenaries you got rid of? Well, now we get to pillage their base! YAY!!! Anyway, the only way to defeat them is to take out their leader, General Claudius. To prove you did it, you need to bring back his shield.

After you leave the Hall, make sure you have the following items before setting out:
About 15 Healing Pills
Good equipment (from the last rite)
A Blackjack and Rope-and-Grapple (Thieves)
At least 50 drachmas

Well, once these are ready, head to the south end of Silmaria. Talk to Andre and he'll offer to take you for a boat ride for 50 drachmas. Accept.

Your target is the Island of Sifnos. Head south for a bit, then as far west as you can go. Andre will butt in you get close. At the Island, Andre will tell you to wait until nightfall before attacking.

This is one of the first class-dependant points. Everyone starts at the same spot, but the method of winning is different for everyone:

Fighter: Ignore the alarm. Just rip these guys a new asshole. Cut your way to the stairs, fight your way up, then fight the guys inside. After killing a few of these guys, a Centaur wizard will show up. You can either use your melee weapon, or throw spears at him (search the carts). After beating him, the General himself shows up. Yep, kill him. After you beat him, search his body for his shield. Search the other bodies as well. Use the magnets to leave.

Wizard: Also ignore the alarm. Use Dazzle or Calm to stop the guys, then rush past them. Once inside, use some Flame Darts and Frostbite spells to kill the remaining mercenaries. Eventually, the Centaur will show up. He has Reversal, so cast Reversal on yourself and use Frostbite to get past his defense. After beating him, the General shows up. Use your best spells to kill him. Search all of the bodies-especially the General's and the Centaur wizard's. (The wizard has the Augment spell). Use the magnets to leave.

Thief: *cue Mission: Impossible theme* Sneak up to the rocks. Save. Slowly sneak until you reach the side of the stairs. Use the rope and grapple to climb up, go up halfway, then jump into the drainage pipe. You'll go through the sewer to the outhouse just inside the base. Use your Blackjack to knock out the gaurds, and if anyone sees you, fight. When the wizard comes, throw spears and daggers at him. Same for the General. Search ALL of the bodies for stuff (especially for the shield), then use the magnets to leave.

Paladin: Same as Fighter. I've heard rumors that the Paladin can make the General surrender, but I don't think you can. If it is true, you have to use Peace several times.

Back at Silmaria, rest up and head back to the Hall of Kings. Show the shield to the gaurds to finish the Rite.

Sadly, this ends on a bad note. While you were pillaging the base, Magnum was found murdered by yet another shattered Dragon Pillar. This is not good...

Note: Even after completing the Rite, the shield will still be in your inventory. Fighters and Paladins should use it: it's the best shield in the game.

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