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Rite of Freedom

When the Rite begins, you'll be introduced to the competition: Gort, a Frankenstein monster working with the Scientists; Kokeeno, a local gaurd; Magnum, a Roman who's completely full of himself; and Elsa, a familiar face from the first game. You'll also meet Minos here. Take special note of him.

After a bunch of talk, Logos will announce the Rite. Mercinaries have taken over several fishing villages, and your job is to free them. Each person will be given a certain village. You'll get Naxos.

Note: you might want to move somewhat quickly. The rites are almost all timed. If you don't finish the rite within the time limit, someone else will win.

Don't go to Naxos (the village to the left of Silmaria) yet. Instead, head to all of the other villages. That way you can kill the competition (not literally!)

Here's how to free the villages. First off, don't fight the armies of mercenaries unless you have a deathwish. Instead, run through the village and find a house with a red shingled roof. Inside are some tougher mercenaries. Kill them. Then open the chest in the room. Inside will be a sigil, some drachmas, and a certain item:
Keros: Magic Axe
Ios: Attack Amulet
Paros: Defense Amulet
Tinos: Enchanted Leather Armor
Naxos: Atlas Armband

Free your village last: the computer is as dumb as a rock, and won't try to free yours.

Now, you have two choices: head back to Silmaria, or go to the Dragon Pillar north of Naxos. If you go to the Dragon Pillar, you'll fins a somewhat disturbing scene: Kokeeno has been murdered. Also note that the pillar is now shattered.

If you went to the Pillar, go to Silmaria. Knock on the door of the Gaurdhouse (it's in the west section), and you'll tell the gaurd about Kokeeno. Then go to the Hall of Kings and show the Gaurd the Naxos sigil. You win the Rite of Freedom!

Note: If you take too long, but free more than one village, an opponent (usually Gort) will win, but you'll get partial credit. It does NOT get counted into your points, though.

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