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Rite of Destiny

The next Rite has to do with all-mighty destiny. Your job is to get to the Island of Delos and speak to the Sybil about your destiny.

Unfortunately, no boats can get to Delos, and your wings were destroyed in the last Rite, so you'll need to buil another mode of transport. Go to the school and read the book about balloons. That's right-you need a balloon.

Go to Wolfie and buy the painting from him (if you haven't already). Go to the inn and show the painting to Ann so she knows what a balloon looks like. Give her the sheet, and she'll stich it up into the shape of a balloon (this takes a day, so do some more stuff while you wait)

Go to Marrak, and show him the painting. He'll now sell you a brazier for 100 drachmas. Make sure you have the rope from the Hydra Cave (unless you bought one in the Thieve's Guild), the sap from the tree on Hydra Island, and the Tinderbox from the start of the game. Now rest at the inn for a day. Get the sheet from Ann in the morning, and head to Science Island.

Go up to the second floor and through the back. You'll see a gondola in the water, a crane, and a control panel. Activate the control panel. Set Rotation to 55, Extension to 100, and Position to closed. The crane will place the gondola neatly on the platform. Use the Sheet, Rope, Sap, Brazier, and Tinderbox on the gondola. You now have a balloon!

Fly to Pegasus Peaks to get some more Hippocrene Water, then fly to Delos. First, go to the Dryad Forest. Pour the water on each of the trees. You'll then do a nice little dance. Wizards will get the Magical Wood after this (more on that in the Sidequests section). Now head to the Sybil.

First off, grab the small flower floating on the pool of water. It's the Black Lotus Flower. Now examine the pillar by the pool. You'll need the verse on it in the next Rite. And finally, drop a drachma into the pool. The Sybil will appear. After a rather creepy prophecy, she'll dissapear, leaving behind the Proof of Destiny.

Return to Silmaria, but don't finish the Rite yet. Instead, head to the Apothecary and give Salim the Black Lotus Flower. He'll now be able to cure the Assassin's poison. NOW head over and finish the Rite.

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