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The Rite of Justice

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for: you finally have to find and defeat the assassin! Yay! Be careful, though: once you fight the assassin, there's no turning back! Complete any sidequests you have left, marry someone if you want, and make sure you have the best weapons and armor you can get. A bunch of Healing Potions and a few Fireproofing Oils won't hurt, either.

Once you're all stocked up, save your game and go to the Adventurer's Guild at night from the south side. The assassin will appear. First, let him hit you a few times-you'll be poisoned, but he'll reveal himself to be-sorry, not ruining that. Anyway, once he's talked twice, just kill him-he's not too hard. Toro will show up, and you'll pass out.

You'll wake up in the Hall of Kings. Logos will talk to you, and you'll agree that the assassin's master is truly-can't stop spoiler-Minos! Well, decide what you want to do to trap him, it doesn't really matter (of course, you can't trick Minos as a Paladin-that would be lying). Now go to the inn and sleep. You'll be waken up in the morning and taken to the Hall of Kings. Try one of your tactics on Minos, and he'll get cornered. He then reveals his plan: to either take over Silmaria, or destroy it completely! He'll then teleport out.

Logos will now give you your next mission: stop Minos! You'll be taken to Minos's mansion, and dropped off for your final mission before the final boss!

If you're a thief, don't bother trying to sneak in: the place is too well gaurded. Instead, ready your weapons and prepare to fight your way in. Fighters have to cut through, break down the gate, break down the door, kill the Goons and Centaur Wizards, and finally go through the leftmost door on the second floor. Wizards can just cast Open on the gate and door, and use Trigger on the Centaur Wizards (you did get Augment, right?). Thieves should do the same thing as Fighters for the most part, but should also use their distance weapons a lot. Paladins can just use Peace.

Once you're through the door, you'll be back in the treasure room (familiar for those who did the Black Bird subquest). Elsa's locked in the alcove, Minos has the Prophecy Stone (the only thing still sealing the dragon), and a big Minotaur with a mean-looking axe is waiting for you. After going through a little speech, Minos will call for his gaurds ("Gaurds! You idiots! Get in here!"). Two Goons will enter. Now we have one hell of a fight.

First off, run over to the table and pick up the strange-looking box. Quickly give it to Elsa, and she'll pick the lock and join you in the battle. Since Elsa will probably go after the Goons, head over to the Minotaur. He's tough, but not invincible. Just have some Healing Potions ready. Eventually, you'll win. Now Minos will say another little speech, then leap off the balcony to his death, shattering the Prophecy Stone.

A small CGI will play, showing the dragon waking up and preparing to destroy. This is looking bad...

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