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Rite of Peace

Logos will now give you your next job: make peace with the people of Atlantis, the ancient city from under the ocean. Naturally, you have to get down there, but you'll figure something out.

First off, this rite is not timed. The only way for it to end is for you to finish your job. Second, there's a side thing I HIGHLYreccommend you do. But first, go to your room and sleep. Elsa will show up and discuss her suspicions on the assassin's identity. Also, she'll mention a purple box of candy! She got one, too! Talk to her about everything, then say good-night. She'll leave.

Next, go back to Science Island. You'll find that you can access the panel that Gort was blocking before. Go up there and enter the password you got from the machine by the door earlier. You'll find a secret room with one of the scientists working on Gort. Talk to him, and he'll accidently admit to poisoning Erasmus and Shakra, as well as the attempted poisoning of you and Elsa. When you say good-bye, he'll ask you to forget what he said about trying to poison you. Oh, you won't now.

Go to the school and read the book on swimming (if you haven't already). Use your balloon to visit the girl you freed from Hades, and she'll give you a Waterbreathing Amulet. Now buy a Magic Spear from the Weapon Shop. You're all set. Fly to Skyros (it's by a symbol of a pillar), and dive into the water. You'll find a strange-looking door. What you do next to finish the Rite matters on your class.

Fighters: That's right, it's killing time! Equip your Magic Spear and force the door open. Two Tritons will immediately come swimming out. Kill them and swim inside. Don't fight the Tritons here-there's just too many of them. Instead, head to the building with a shell on top-the Queen's Palace. Kill the Dragonfish inside, and the Queen will give up. Talk about peace, and you'll recieve the Peace Statue. Peace between the kingdoms has been restored.

Wizards: Cast Open on the door. When the Tritons come out, cast Calm on them IMMEDIATELY! Swim inside and go right immediately. Swim over to the wall, and click on the third panel from the right to open a secret passageway inside (thus avoiding the gaurds). Swim forward until the camera moves behind you, then hug the wall until you reach the Palace. Cast Open on the secret door here to enter. Give the Queen some Flowers, then talk about all topics. She'll eventually give you the Peace Statue. Peace has been restored.

Thieves: Look at the pins holding the door shut. One is without a cap. Use your oil on it, then carefully use your magnet on it (save before you do so, in case you accidently click on yourself). Dodge the Tritons, then go through the same passageway as the Wizards. Click the action icon on the door, then choose to use your Toolkit. Once inside, give the Queen the flowers and talk to her. She'll give you the Peace Statue. Peace has been restored.

Paladins: Equip your Magic Spear. Force the door open, then quickly use Peace on the Tritons. Go inside and use Peace again. Go throught the secret passage, and force open the door at the end. Tell her you're a Paladin. Apparantly the people of Atlantis respect Paladins, and she'll give you the Peace Statue. Peace has been restored.

Now fly back to Silmaria. Show the Peace Statue to the gaurds to win the Rite. But the fun's just begginning.

The scientists have learned too late the cost of their cheating. They'll be brought before Logos and Minos on charges of poisoning Erasmus and Shakra, as well as attempting to eliminate Gort's competition. The scientists will try to defend themselves, but being nerds and all, they'll screw up and give themselves away. And since Gort himself took part in this scheme, he is disqualified from the Rites of Rulership. Only two of the contest's original five remain: you and Elsa.

Note: If you didn't do the above quest with the scientists, Gort will simply withdraw. Either way, he's out.

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