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The Final Battle

After the FMV scene of the dragon (mentioned in the previous walkthrough page), you'll have only a few minutes to escape from the treasure room. If you take too long: Game over. Search Minos's body (and kick him if you want-he deserves it). Next, pick up the Toolkit (if you didn't free Elsa during the fight), and search the Minotaur's body for the Minotaur Axe. Finally, go to the alcove in the top left corner of the room. Just use some Fireproofing Oil on yourself and blow the trap. Pick up the potions, and whoever you freed from Hades will appear to tell you that the dragon is loose (as if we didn't know that already). You, Elsa, and whoever you freed will teleport to Dragon Fire.

Take a look at the dragon-it makes the kill that much sweeter. After some more talking, Toro will be teleported to the fray. Gort then walks up, and offers to help fight the dragon so he can be a hero, too. So we basically have five people now fighting against a dragon the size of New Jersey. Wow. Elsa will immediately rush up to the dragon, but won't be able to damage it. See that dragon pillar behind you? Quickly tell Toro and Gort to help you push the pillar. Once they both arrive, click on the pillar to move it. Now the dragon can be damaged.

There's several different ways the fight can play out:

Self-sacrifice: Basically, offer to sacrifice yourself to Toro, Katrina or Elsa, then stand directly in front of the dragon on the other side of the pool. You'll be burnt up bad. The result: a happy Game Over (if such a thing exist). Your sacrifice helped to slay the dragon. Yay.

Other-sacrifice: If you offer to sacrifice yourself to Erana, she'll stop you. She wants to pay you back for offering your life for hers, so she'll teleport in front of the dragon and get killed. Elsa rushes over and examines her body. When the second stage of the fight comes, Erana will be mentioned. Secondly, if you chose to marry Erana, and offer to sacrifice yourself, Gort will stop you, claiming that he doesn't deserve to live. He'll then sacrifice himself. How sad. The result: The dragon will begin to take double damage from attacks, making him easier to beat. I don't really do this much, though, since I found it just as easy to fight on without sacrificing anyone.

No sacrifice: Don't offer to sacrifice yourself at all during the fight. The result: You'll just fight.

Now for the actual battle.

Each member of your little party will be controlled by the computer (you can ask them to do something, however). Elsa is the fastest of all the characters, and uses a bow late in the fight. Toro hits real hard, so give him the Minotaur Axe after moving the pillar. His attacks are surpassed only by the Dragonslayer and the Paladin sword. Gort pretty much sucks, but he tries, and can help distract the dragon sometimes. Erana is the main healer-just talk to her to heal someone. Katrina will just pound away with a variation of the Dragon Fire spell. As for you, use whatever your class is best at: fighting (Fighters and Paladins), magic (Wizards), or throwing (Thieves).

After the dragon loses half of its life, it'll fly off into the forest just south of your screen. Our heroes will follow it, and the real fight will begin.

Unlike the first stage, where the dragon just sat around, breathing fire and swatting you with its claws, the second stage has the dragon flying around, breathing enough fire to make a pyromaniac blush. When the dragon's in the air, most of the characters are useless. Elsa will use her bow if the dragon is far enough way, Kartina will still cast that spell of hers, and our hero can either cast spells or throw those damn Poisoned Daggers at the dragon (about time!). When the dragon lands, he'll try to swat you around again. This is actually the best time to attack, since he won't be moving as much. Just don't expect Gort to surive very long (kudos to you if he does).

After the dragon is finally beaten, another FMV will play out, showing the death of the monster. The heroes will talk for a bit. If Toro died in the fight, Elsa will say that the victory will always be sour to her. Then we finally get to the point you've all been waiting for-the end of the Quest for Glory series!

You'll be back at the Hall of Kings. If you saved Rakeesh, Erasmus, or Shakra, they'll be in the back. Any surviving members of your little party will also be here. Logos will announce the deeds that have been done, then present you, Elsa, and all other survivors as the heroes of Silmaria. You'll then be asked to become king. If you say yes, then that's it. If you say no, then you'll have to give a reason why, and Elsa will become King-er, Queen of Silmaria.

If you completed the Black Bird Sidequest, then you'll be at the Thieves Guild, where you'll be crowned Chief Thief. Yay.

Now save your character, then import as a Paladin if you haven't already! Congratulations on completing the final game in the Quest for Glory series!

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