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Area Six Walkthrough - Tir Asleen and the Passage to Nockmaar

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Once beyond the cursed bridge, the path to Tir Asleen is straightforward and simple.  Once Willow has entered the village in the country of Tir Asleen, he can henceforth summon Po and the dragon will remember the location.

At this time, the only noteworthy location in the village is the northwest corner, where a man will recognize Willow's purpose to overthrow Bavmorda and will heal the adventurer's stamina and magic at any time.

The Castle is just north of the village, but the entrance is currently locked.  Follow the trail east and then north of the Castle until an old woman is found. She simply says that she has been waiting atop the rocky mountain for a long time awaiting the coming of the hero that will enter Nockmaar and defeat Bavmorda.  Now, upon returning to the Castle at Tir Asleen, Willow will be able to enter.


The first order of business, should Willow so choose, will be to climb to the second floor of the Castle and retrieve the Battle Shield and the Wonder Sword.  Head back to the first floor and make way to the southwest corner.  Here Willow will make the acquaintance of Airk, a warrior of the country of Tir Asleen.  He claims that a powerful creature is in the room behind him, but he isn't strong enough to defeat it.  Giving his Kaiser Sword to Willow, he wishes the adventurer the best of luck. Note that if you went to the second floor and uncovered the Wonder Sword, Airk's Kaiser Sword isn't even worth equipping.

Enter the next room.  Here will be found a strange snake-like creature called an Eborsisk. Defeat the Eborsisk for 5,000 Experience Points (consult the Boss Monsters page if you should need any help), then advance into the next room. 


Oops!  Looks like Willow fell into a trap.  In this cell are Madmartigan (caught again) and the general of Queen Bavmorda's army, Kael.  Kael will notify Willow that he has indeed fallen into a trap and then takes away the Crest of the Spirits.  He disappears, leaving both of them to rot.

Speak with Madmartigan, who talks of a secret passage from Tir Asleen that leads into Nockmaar.  After this, step into the area in the southeast corner of the cell and a breach in the wall will appear.  Enter Franjean and Rool, the Brownies.

The Brownies will offer up some fairy dust, which is called the Powder of Unrequited Love. After this, they head off to locate the secret cave that leads into Nockmaar.  Madmartigan is also gone (by this point one would think that he'd think to team up with Willow).  Exit by way of the breach in the cell.

From the exit in the breach, go south a few screens, then stay east to the end, and then head directly north to exit the Castle (or use the Magic of Fleet).

Once outside, head to the southeast and take the first exit west.  Here again Willow will find Franjean and Rool, who are both very excited that they have located the passage that leads from Tir Asleen to Nockmaar.

Inside the cave, just look around a bit (through a series of short tunnels) for the Fury Shield.  It's the last available Shield, and also the most powerful, so it's certainly worth finding.

Continue through the caves.  There are very few enemy encounters, and some of them will be reminiscent of Willow's days in the Dew area.  Either this was a mistake, or it's just for a change of pace.  Eventually Willow will make his way to the mountains again.  Head northeast for some distance until the screen turns blue.  Climb the bridge and make way to the entrance of Nockmaar Castle.

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