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Statistics and Definitions

The stats and their basic functions are quite simple in Willow's adventure.

Here's how it works.

Level-Up Chart

This simple chart shows how much experience (total) is needed for each level that Willow can achieve.

 Level 2 - 150
 Level 3 - 300
 Level 4 - 710
 Level 5 - 2,000
 Level 6 - 3,950
 Level 7 - 6,230
 Level 8 - 9,160
 Level   9 - 12,580
 Level 10 - 17,160
 Level 11 - 22,870
 Level 12 - 29,620
 Level 13 - 39,340
 Level 14 - 53,330
 Level 15 - 72,610

LEVEL - displays Willow's current level (maximum 15).

EXP - displays how much experience (in points) Willow has acquired and how many are needed for him to obtain his next level (currently shown 72,850, and 99,990 total are needed to advance a level).

MP - displays Willow's current Magic Points and his Maximum (currently 223 out of 243).  Magic Points determine how much magic can be used before he is unable to continue using magic.

HP - displays Willow's current Hit Points and his Maximum (currently 208 out of 238).  Hit Points determine how much damage Willow can incur before he dies and the game is over.

STR - Strength determines how much damage Willow will inflict upon an opponent when attacking.  This depends completely on which sword he is using; with no Weapon equipped, Willow's Strength will be reduced to 0.  The Ring, which raises Strength by 10, does not apply unless a Weapon is equipped.

DEF - Defense determines how much damage Willow will incur when an opponent attacks him physically.  This depends completely upon which Shield he is using; with no Shield equipped, Willow's Defense will be reduced to 0.

AGI - Agility determines how much damage Willow will incur when an opponent attacks him with magic.  Any equipped Weapon, Shield, or Magic has no bearing whatsoever on Willow's Agility, or magic resistance.