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Boss Monsters

As is the case in virtually all adventures, Willow will be
forced to encounter and defeat a number of 'boss' creatures.

Here are the monsters in the order that they are found,
and strategies you may employ to defeat them.



The first boss monster that Willow will encounter is a demon called Bogarda.  Supposedly he was formerly a member of the village of Dew, but he has been transformed into a hideous creature.  He uses an axe that he throws toward Willow, and the axe will hover for a moment and then return to him in a boomerang-like fashion.

Strategy is simple here.  Simply wait for the axe to be thrown, and take a stab (not a swing) with a sword.  If Willow strikes true, Bogarda will reciprocate with another toss as soon as his axe returns to him.  If Willow is familiar with the sword he is using, two stabs can be employed between each throw of the axe.  Dodge both the throw and the return, taking one or two pokes each time.  Bogarda will fall easily using this technique.



Willow doesn't encounter Muzh until much more exploration beyond Bogarda's Caves.  Provided that everything is done in order and the adventurer has appropriately equipped himself, this guy is even more of a piece of cake than Bogarda was.  Make certain to visit Muzh's lover, the ghost woman Zhena, on the bridge before confronting Muzh or he will be invincible.  Consult the maps if you're having trouble locating the ghost woman, whose Cross Flute is imperative for this fight.

Encased in a demon's shell, Muzh will attack Willow on sight.  When Willow strikes with his sword, Muzh will draw in his spikes and become temporarily impervious to damage.  At this point, the demon will quickly launch seven spikes at Willow.  Make sure to obtain and equip the Metal Shield from the under-island caves so that the spikes can be deflected; otherwise Willow will have to run around and dodge the spikes, which is more of an agitating chore than one of difficulty.

Strike and either absorb the spikes or flee from them.  Muzh is slow, so this should be a simple one for Willow.


The Eborsisk

Once again, Willow finds himself waiting a long time between his encounter with Muzh and the guardian of Tir Asleen Castle, the Eborsisk.  Also, once more, this fight is surprisingly simple provided that Willow has equipped himself appropriately.

One screen south of the Eborsisk's lair is Airk, a warrior of the country of Tir Asleen.  He claims that the Eborsisk is too strong for him and relinquishes his blade to the studly Willow.  The Kaiser Sword is sufficient to destroy the Eborsisk if Willow hasn't yet found the Wonder Sword, which rests on the second floor, though the shield equipped might pose a problem.  If a trip was made upstairs for the Battle Shield, this is a piece of cake.

The Eborsisk will begin by rearing its head back to the top of the screen and then moving forward about 3/5 of the distance toward the south door.  It moves very slowly but is exceptionally powerful.  It will writhe slowly, releasing fireballs that spread around the room like molasses in January.  Either take caution to dodge the fireballs or, preferably, absorb them with Willow's shield.  In close range, a swing with a sword will strike anywhere from one to four times, doing damage each.  If the Eborsisk is lucky enough to be alive after about ten seconds, it will begin again.  Either way, this should not pose a problem for Willow unless the one controlling him is manipulating the control pad with his toes.


General Kael

Atop the third floor of Nockmaar Castle beyond Sorsha and Madmartigan, Bavmorda's main man Kael awaits Willow.  Clumsy, stupid, and bound to the rules of an 8-bit system, the general requires a bit more strategy than some of the other boss monsters, but not much.

Kael will tell you that he has already delivered the Crest of the Spirits to Queen Bavmorda, and with that he starts his attack.  He is very slow but wields his heavy sword quickly and with great strength.  With the Fury Shield, Willow can deflect Kael's attack, which comes in waves of two strikes, and then counterattack with a stab or even a slash if within range.

The best strategy for Kael is to absorb two of his slashes and then stab.  After the stab, get out of range or stay in place to absorb more.  Keep in mind that, as is the case with any other swordsman who uses a shield, Willow's defenses will be down temporarily after making an attack.

A second strategy that is a little unorthodox is to just duke it out with Kael. Note that at level 13, he only has to hit you about 3 times to kill you, so this is risky, but it goes pretty quick. Utilize the strategy I just mentioned to get about 1/3 of Kael's health depleted. Next, run to one side of him and face him and just swing as fast as you can. He's slow coming straight at you, but make no mistake - he will power-hump you to death in just a few seconds if you allow him to strafe to the side. You'll take 2 hits from him as you swing away, but if you do it fast enough with the powered-up Wing Sword, he'll drop. To play it safer, knock his health down to 50% before doing this. Of course, after you defeat him, you get your HP and MP refilled, so just don't get dead.

Avoid Kael's sword and pierce each time the general is within range to receive a hefty experience bonus and passage to the tower where the evil queen awaits.


Queen Bavmorda

Finally, a fight with a bit of technique involved!

After defeating Kael and climbing the unnecessarily elaborate tower, Willow will encounter Bavmorda's chambers.  The evil queen informs her nemesis that she will soon become immortal, and that the adventurer shall go no further.

Bavmorda, always facing south, will scamper erratically around her quarters like a puppy that doesn't want to be held.  She drops little balls of fire that, of course, do not damage her, but will harm Willow.  The only offense applicable here is the Magic Cane that was obtained long ago at Lake Cheef from the fairy queen Cherlindrea.  If Willow has not had the Cane empowered by Fin Raziel, it will be of no use.

With a bit of practice, pinning Bavmorda in a corner and blasting her with the little Cane bubbles over and over is a cakewalk; however, if Willow either does not have at least fourteen levels or full MP, he will not be strong enough to bring about the evil queen's downfall.  The little fireballs can also prove to be a hindrance, for they will absorb the Cane bubbles if hit.

Once Bavmorda's HP has been depleted, she will beseech Willow not to remove the Crest of the Spirits from her possession, or she will be destroyed.  With that, a second battle ensues.

This battle is very simple.  Willow's sword once again comes into play, and finding a spot in a corner near the top or the bottom of the screen will be a safe haven for the adventurer.  Simply swing the sword (any sword but the Devil Eye) over and over and the queen, employing her sophomoric battle techniques, will run into the weapon over and over, making this about a ten second fight.

That's it.