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Plot Characters

Many of the weapons, shields, magic, and items are obtained from storyline characters.

Below you can find just who these characters are, from where they hail, and of what importance they are.


The High Aldwin 

The High Aldwin, who serves as the village chief of Nelwyn (as well as its sorcerer), provides Willow with the Magic Acorns, which represent the first magical item in the adventure.

Additionally, upon returning to visit the High Aldwin, Willow can have his MP (Magic Points) restored.





The village of Nelwyn's weapon smith and leader of the town's warriors is called Vohnkar.

Vohnkar will award Willow with the Long Sword, the first weapon available in his adventure. He'll also provide brief training tips.






The Village Chief of Dew 

A village not far north of Nelwyn is called the village of Dew, where members of the Daikini race reside.

The village chief's son informs Willow of a devastating situation that the citizens of Dew are experiencing. Evidently the chief's father has been overcome by some evil and is terrorizing the villagers.

In a hope to aid Willow, the chief will provide the Healmace, which restores some of the adventurer's HP (Hit Points) when used. 



Bogarda (demon form)

The father of Dew's village chief, Bogarda has either become possessed by something or watched the Exorcist alone in the dark one too many times. He desires the Gold Statue that Willow carries, and when the adventurer refuses to relinquish it, Bogarda attacks with a throwing axe. 






Dew's village chief's father either paid a visit to the Fountain of Youth, or the game programmers got something mixed up.  Upon Bogarda's defeat, he appears before you as a younger man.

Having snapped out from under the influence of his demonic oppression, Bogarda recognizes himself and provides Willow with the magic of Fireflor.





Kchil of the Nail Clan 

Just west of the village of Dew, Willow will first encounter a member of the Nail Clan, a rabbit-esque type of creature.  Its name is Kchil.

Early on, Kchil serves only to inform Willow that Bogarda's magic has bound the Nail to the east side of the bridge, but if Bogarda is defeated, the bridge will be open for travel again.

Later, Kchil will provide Willow with a Wakka Seed, which is a special item that allows for underwater breathing and required to pass beyond the Tavern of the Traveler.



Originally found in Matanda's blue caves northwest of the Forest of Death, a lesser dragon-type called Po is very relieved when Willow locates him.

Po will reward Willow with the magic Ocarina, which allows the adventurer to summon Po anytime that he is outdoors.

Based on what locations Willow has visited, Po can provide quick and safe transportation to one of six familiar places for a small cost of MP. Ultimately, these locations become the Village of Nelwyn, the Village of Dew, the Tavern of the Traveler, Po's House, the village of Tir Asleen, and the gates of Nockmaar Castle. 





Having been sent to the blue caves by Franjean and Rool, two members of the miniscule Brownie Clan, in hopes of recovering the Crystal of Light, Willow soon locates a dragon called Matanda.

Contrary to what Willow had planned, the dragon does not wish to fight. Instead, if Willow agrees to leave her alone, Matanda provides a Thieves' Bracelet, which allows the pass headed west from the cave entrance to be opened so that Willow can advance to Lake Cheef.





The fairy and protector of Lake Cheef, Cherlindrea is quite happy to meet Willow for the first time.  She explains that the evil queen Bavmorda's magic has transformed the good sorceress Fin Raziel into an opossum and that only Willow will be able to transform her back to her normal state.

Concordantly, Cherlindrea will present Willow with her wand, called the Magic Cane, so that Raziel can be transformed.  Unfortunately, it will be some time until Willow will have the ability to appropriately harness the power of the wand to either use it as a weapon or transform Fin Raziel. 



This Daikini appears to be a warrior and a scoundrel in one.  He's first located in the forest beyond Lake Cheef, bound up against a tree.

He'll send Willow looking for a Key to the cuffs.  When he returns with that Key, the Daikini will thank you in the only way he can - by providing you with a low-quality glass Necklace.  It doesn't serve any apparent purpose.

Willow will find Madmartigan again soon at the Inn of the Traveler, as well as a couple more times throughout the adventure.


The Former Blacksmith of Dew

Early in Willow's adventure, this old man who resides in the southeast corner of the village of Dew will serve only to restore the adventurer's health and magic.  After Bogarda is defeated, however, he will tell Willow to keep his eyes open for a Dragon Scale, as the old man was once the village blacksmith and has always desired to forge a shield and a blade from such a Scale.

After locating the Dragon Scale from Matanda's blue caves and returning it to the old blacksmith, the old man will be ecstatic for the opportunity to craft with such a material.

He will forge the Dragon Sword and the Dragon Shield for Willow at this time.

From that point forward, the old blacksmith will also restore Willow's health and magic at any time.


Fin Raziel (opossum form)

One of the messengers sent to the earth from the Spirits of the World, Fin Raziel represents the servant of the Spirit of the Skies.  Evidently she recognized the plot of the Spirit of the Skies' servant, her counterpart Bavmorda, and attempted to convince her to return to her place of origin.  Having none of that, Bavmorda used her evil magic to transform Raziel into potential roadkill.

Now Raziel awaits the day when Willow becomes powerful enough in sorcery to transform her back to her original state.  She'll wait in her cave until Willow returns at level thirteen to finish the deed.  At that point, she'll empower Cherlindrea's Wand, a.k.a. the Magic Cane, so that Bavmorda might be overpowered and sent back to the Skies. 



A lonesome, wandering spirit, this ghost woman inhabits the area near the bridge in the mountain caves under the islands.  She is searching for her lost love, and though she knows he is near, she fears that he is hiding from her, unwilling to show himself.

She will provide Willow with her Cross Flute, which is necessary for the shattering of the demon's flesh that controls the creature not far from her in the caves.

Without the Cross Flute, the demon can rejuvenate infinitely, so Willow will need to seek out Zhena before the encounter with the demonflesh creature.



Northwest of Zhena's spirit in a solemn cave can be found the demonflesh creature that guards the exit from the under-island caves.  It will attack on sight, releasing a hail of teeth at Willow.  The Dragon Shield can protect the adventurer from these teeth, but with lesser shields Willow will be forced to dodge.

If Willow possesses Zhena's Cross Flute, when the creature runs out of Hit Points it will be defeated and the demonflesh shell will be shattered.  A half-dead Daikini called Muzh will then appear.

Zhena's Cross Flute will then begin to play, summoning the wandering spirit to Muzh, who is then overjoyed to see his love.  He explains the situation - how Bavmorda transformed him and bound him to the cave.  Muzh and Zhena will reunite and disappear, but not before Willow is awarded with the magic spell of Bombard.


The Spirit of the Skies

Bavmorda's former master, who sent her down to the earth as a messenger of light, can be found atop the East Tower over Elora Danan and her caretaker.

He explains how he's only available momentarily and how Bavmorda must be confronted and overthrown as he desires for her to return to the Skies where she belongs.

The Spirit will then present Willow with the Blue Crystal, one of the two Crystals required for the Crest of the Spirits - the item necessary for the confrontation with Bavmorda - that can be obtained from Elora Danan's caretaker.


The Spirit of the Earth

The Spirit who sent Fin Raziel to the earth as its messenger and protector, the Spirit of the Earth can also only speak with Willow for a brief moment.  He will present Willow with the Red Crystal, the second of the two Crystals necessary for the Crest of the Spirits.

This Spirit resides atop the West Tower, which can only be accessed once the Red Crystal is in hand.




Elora Danan

As the Prophecy states, Elora Danan, a Daikini child, will play a part in the overthrow of Queen Bavmorda. She will one day rule the world as queen, but for the time being Willow's aid is a necessity.

When Willow returns to Elora Danan, who is in the structure between the Two Towers, with both the Blue and the Red Crystals, the Crest of the Spirits can then be awarded to the adventurer.

At this point, Elora's caretaker will inform Willow that he must now seek out Bavmorda in the Castle of Nockmaar and that Fin Raziel must first be consulted.




The Thunder Lady

This old woman doesn't have a name, but she is found in the mountain maze northeast of the caves in which Muzh and Zhena are found.

She will restore Willow's stamina and magic at any time, though she claims to have never heard of Nockmaar Castle (which is strange considering that she lives directly south of it).  She teaches Willow the Magic Word of Thunder, which is the most powerful offensive magic spell available.

After Willow has made his way through the caves connecting Tir Asleen to Nockmaar, the treasure chest that previously contained the Healball will be gone and Willow can step directly back to the Thunder Lady's home.  At this point she informs Willow that she knew all along that he was the chosen man of prophecy, and also lets him know that Sorsha allegedly now possesses the Crest of the Spirits.


Adik of the Eagle Clan

This strange creature is found in the caves on either side of the cursed bridge that leads east into Tir Asleen. In fact, if Willow takes the northwest cave, Adik can be found immediately east of the entrance.

Adik claims that Bavmorda's magic has burned his people, and that he's also looking for his brother, Abang. He gives Willow his Wing Sword and asks the adventurer to search for Abang.





The Old Man in the Cave

Of course, this old man has no name, and the first time that Willow speaks with him he doesn't say much.

After Willow makes his way to the cursed bridge and speaks with the old lady in those caves who informs the adventurer that no one can cross the bridge to Tir Asleen, return to this old man. He will then grant Willow a pair of Witch's Shoes, which allow the cursed bridge to be crossed into Tir Asleen.





Airk, a warrior of Tir Asleen, is located near the southwest corner of the first floor of Tir Asleen Castle.

He claims that there is a creature called the Eborsisk in the room to the north that he is too weak to defeat.  With that, he relinquishes his sword, the Kaiser Sword, to Willow, and then asks that the adventurer destroy the monster.

It's a good idea to head upstairs to the second floor of the Castle and recover the Wonder Sword (as well as the Battle Shield) before the battle, since the Wonder Sword is stronger than Airk's Kaiser Sword anyway.  The creature in the room past Airk is incredibly slow and simple to beat if Willow decides to confront it at this time.


Franjean and Rool

Two members of the Brownie Clan that serve Lake Cheef's fairy Cherlindrea, Franjean and Rool, who are said to have once lived in Milwaukee, make appearances several times throughout Willow's adventure. It's only at this point, however, where they serve much purpose.

After defeating the Eborsisk behind Airk and entering the next room, Willow finds himself in a prison cell with Madmartigan and Bavmorda's General, Kael.  Kael informs Willow that he's fallen into a trap, then takes the Crest of the Spirits away and leaves the adventurer alone with Madmartigan.

This is when the Brownies make their appearance.  They help Willow escape and offer him the Powder of Unrequited Love.  Additionally, they help Willow find his way to the cave southeast of Tir Asleen and discover the hidden series of tunnels that lead to Nockmaar Castle.


Abang of the Eagle Clan

Willow, by this point, will have already met Abang's brother, Adik, in the caves west of Tir Asleen.  Abang is found in the southwest corner of the first floor of Nockmaar Castle.

When Abang is approached, he will identify himself and then recognize his Wing Sword.  Assuming that the sword was given by his brother, Abang realizes that Willow must be the man of prophecy.  He will then place his strength behind the Wing Sword, making it the most powerful sword available (with the exception of the Devil Eye, which only damages a handful of non-living creatures, such as cave-dwelling Herman Munster look-alikes and giant diaper pins).

Abang then informs Willow that he will be unable to advance further in Nockmaar Castle.  Evidently an old woman that the Tir Asleen warrior Airk had rescued from Nockmaar has a key to the castle. Willow will have to locate that woman if he wishes to proceed.


The Old Woman from Nockmaar

After speaking with Abang of the Eagle Clan in Nockmaar Castle, Willow must leave the castle and seek out this old woman.  She can be found southwest of the gates of Tir Asleen Castle in a boarded-up home.

Once Willow has spoken with Abang, the solid door will be possible to open.  The old woman wishes for Willow to take her key to Nockmaar Castle and give it to Airk, who saved her from there.  Of course, Willow won't say a word and keeps the key for himself since Airk is completely useless in this adventure.

Now the adventurer can advance above the first floor of Nockmaar Castle by revisiting the southwest corner where Abang was located.


Fin Raziel

Once Willow has reached his thirteenth season, he will need to head back to the Tavern of the Traveler and head north and through the underwater channel to revisit Fin Raziel.  She will not recognize that Willow had been there before, but at this point she can be transformed via Willow's sorcery.

Raziel then powers up Cherlindrea's Wand (the Magic Cane) and instructs Willow to seek out Bavmorda.  She states that she is unable to be present at the final battle, since Willow is the man of prophecy, so empowering the Magic Cane is all that she can do.

Fortunately, it's enough.



Sorsha serves little purpose (if any at all) in Willow's adventure, save blocking off the passageway beyond Matanda's caves and into the mountain.  Her obligatory appearance is on the second floor of Nockmaar Castle in the northeast corner where she holds the captive Madmartigan, who seems to make a habit of getting caught. Beyond that, she was actually pretty cute when I first played this game at age nine.

As Princess of Nockmaar and the daughter of Bavmorda, the 8-bit temptress intends to slay both Madmartigan and Willow, but Willow has other plans.  He lobs some of the Powder of Unrequited Love her way, but she dodges and gets Madmartigan with it.  He quickly falls in love with Sorsha, but then goes off on a liberal tangent and somehow manages to persuade Sorsha to see the light.

Of course, she takes the bait.  She informs Willow that she will fight for him, and that the Crest of the Spirits should be in a chest underneath the castle.



The leader of Bavmorda's army is a massive fellow named General Kael.  He can be found in the room directly behind Sorsha and Madmartigan and up the stairs.  In fact, the entire third floor of Nockmaar Castle is his lair.

Kael informs Willow that the Crest of the Spirits has already been turned over to Bavmorda, and then clumsily but mightily attacks. If you can defeat him, you'll obtain the Flaming Saber of Eternal Nightmare, a weapon three times stronger than the Wing Sword boasting unlimited regeneration. Not really. But you'll get to move on to the next task.

Willow also bumps into Kael once a bit earlier after the Eborsisk is defeated in Tir Asleen and he finds himself caught in a trap.

These two instances are the only times that Kael will be spotted.



Fin Raziel's spiritual counterpart and the Messenger of the Spirit of the Skies, Bavmorda, the self-appointed queen of Nockmaar Castle, was originally sent to earth as a spiritual messenger but was ultimately tempted and tainted. She abandoned her role as ambassador for the Spirit of the Skies and took a great evil upon herself. Now, the emissary of the Skies has bound Fin Raziel to the form of a helpless creature and continues to defile the realm.

Not long after Kael is destroyed will Willow encounter Bavmorda. She is not particularly excited to see Willow show up to her lair, considering that prophecy states that he will be the one to destroy her. She boldly proclaims that she will not give up the Crest of the Spirits.

Bavmorda must be destroyed for peace and balance to return to the world, and Willow is the only man for the job.