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Since no armor is used in Willow's adventure, shields assume the role of raising his defenses.
Shields require no additional experience in battle to use more effectively, as do the weapons.

Here are the eight different Shields to be found in the adventure, as well as their names
(listed in the order that they can be obtained), the amount that Willow's Defense is raised
when equipping them, and how they are either found or received. The strength of the Shield
also determines how powerful of enemies' projectiles can be deflected.

Wood Shield
Just into the second town, the village of Dew, step into the house in the southwest corner of the village and a citizen will inform Willow that Bogarda is the evil creature north of town. Here Willow will receive the first shield, the Wood Shield.

Small Shield  +15 West of the village of Dew, Willow can find a small and straightforward cave with nothing else in it but this, the Small Shield.
Gold Shield  +25 Not far into Matanda's blue caves in the mountains can be found the Gold Shield. From the entrance, head south when possible and continue west.
Dragon Shield  +35 The same old blacksmith (southeast corner of the Village of Dew) that will grant Willow a sword for finding him a Dragon Scale will also grant the Dragon Shield when visited. 
Metal Shield  +50 This shield can be found in the same under-island caves in which Willow might find the Magic of Renew and the Magic of Terstorm (the Demon's Feather).
Tail Shield  +60 In the mountains where the strange old lady has made her home Willow can find this Tail Shield, which is said to have been made from the tail of a demon.
Battle Shield  +75 The Battle Shield can be found in a chest in the castle north of Tir Asleen. It's on the second floor of the Castle and not terribly far from where Willow can find the Wonder Sword.
Fury Shield  +80 Once Franjean and Rool have aided Willow in locating the secret cave that leads into Nockmaar Castle, he should find this, the most powerful shield available, in those caves. It's a small series of doors, but it's not hard to locate.