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Plot Items

There are a decent number of items that Willow must obtain in his adventure
in order to continue forward.  Some of these items are found in treasure
chests while others are found in different ways.

This table tells the item name, where it can be acquired, and its purpose.
There are fifteen plot items in all.

Gold Statue Found northwest of the village of Dew. The path snakes around for awhile but continue northwest and Willow will find it far north. Allows Willow to make his way past the skeleton that guards the entrance to the northern cave.     

Ring Found in the cave north of Dew (beyond the skeleton). Look in the far southwest areas for another cave. Increases Willow's Strength by ten points.
Medicinal Herbs Received from the old lady in the Forest of Death. She wants Willow to go looking for her pet, Po. Allows Willow to speak with Po, who can be found in Matanda's blue caves.
Dragon Scale Found in a treasure chest in Matanda's Cave just one screen to the right and a ways down. Can be given to the old blacksmith in the southeast corner of Dew for the Dragon Sword and Shield.
Thieves' Bracelet Given by Matanda in the blue caves in return for being left alone.
When approaching the entrance to Matanda's Cave, the west wall will give way so that Willow can advance.
Key Found in the forest north of Lake Cheef. From Madmartigan, continue west as much as possible, going south when necessary. The Key to the cuffs that bind Madmartigan in the forest.
Glass Necklace Given by Madmartigan once Willow frees him in the woods.
No apparent use - just a trinket.
Wakka Seed Kchil of the Nail Clan will provide Willow with this in the mountain region south of Madmartigan. Head east to the cliffs. Allows Willow to breathe underwater and therefore make his way to the northwestern islands, as well as the Two Towers and Elora Danan.
Zhena's Flute Given by the ghost woman, Zhena, on an island amongst the series of mini-caves. Allows Muzh's demon to actually be defeated, and allows him to reunite with his lost love, Zhena.
Blue Crystal A gift from the Spirit of the Skies atop the East Tower above Elora Danan. Required, along with the Red Crystal, to obtain the Crest of the Spirits.
Red Crystal A gift from the Spirit of the Earth atop the West Tower above Elora Danan. Required, along with the Blue Crystal, to obtain the Crest of the Spirits.
Crest of the Spirits Given by Elora Danan's caretaker after Willow retrieves the two crystals. Allows confrontation with Bavmorda to occur. Will be taken from Willow by General Kael eventually, but will be retrieved at a later time.
Powder of Unrequited Love Given by Franjean and Rool after the fight with Eborsisk in Tir Asleen when Willow falls into Kael's trap. Willow attempts to use against Sorsha but ends up using on Madmartigan, who helps change Sorsha's mind about the war.
Witch's Shoes Given by an old man in the northern mountains near the cursed bridge heading to Tir Asleen. Willow can use these to cross the cursed bridge leading to Tir Asleen.
Key to Nockmaar Given by an old lady in a cave southwest of the Castle at Tir Asleen. She will ask Willow to return it to Airk. Opens doors inside Nockmaar Castle that cannot otherwise be accessed.