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Magic is the bloodstream of the universe! At least that's the opinion of
the High Aldwin, the village chief and sorcerer in Nelwyn.

Each of these magic items has different properties, some of which are certainly more useful than others.
The following table contains the name of the magic, how much MP (Magic Points) it will use, its
function, and the method by which it might be obtained.

Tosses an acorn in the direction Willow is facing. It will petrify an enemy temporarily, allowing it to be more easily defeated. One screen to the right of where the adventure begins can be found the High Aldwin. He will provide Willow with the Magic Acorns.

 Healmace  20 Restores HP (Hit Points) slightly - normally between 65 and 80 points, though it can vary. The chief of the village of Dew will present this to Willow when he realizes that he is in town to rid the villagers of the problems to the North.
 Fireflor  5 Creates a shield of fire around Willow that will damage any enemies that walk through it. The effect lasts for only a few seconds. The father of the chief of Dew, Bogarda, will provide Willow with this spell after he defeats him and frees him from his madness.
 12 Launches small bubbles that do nominal damage to opponents. Its true purpose surfaces during Willow's first battle with Bavmorda. Given to Willow at Lake Cheef by the fairy Cherlindrea. Once Willow has reached level 13, return to Fin Raziel, transform her, and she'll strengthen it for your final battle.
 Fleet  20 If lost in a cave (or just don't feel like running through it again), use Fleet to teleport back out to the entrance. This is found in a treasure chest in the cave just north of Fin Raziel. It can't be missed once the adventurer arrives.
 Renew  3 Renew will transform Willow's adversaries into various different creatures, making them weaker and easier to defeat. Can be found in a cave beyond the northwestern islands. Search the south areas of the caves to locate it.
 Terstorm  5 When overwhelmed, Terstorm will spin Willow around, causing a gust of wind that will clear the area of enemies. It's called the Demon's Feather. Found in the same series of caves beyond the under-island in which Willow can find the magic of Renew.
 Bombard  10 Creates a miniature earthquake which will cause minor damage to Willow's foes. Once Willow defeats Muzh and free him from his demonic form, he will provide the adventurer with this magic.
 Ocarina  20 Summons Po, a small dragon-like creature that is rescued from the blue caves. He will take Willow to one of six familiar places (ultimately). Po will give Willow the Ocarina, which he claims to have found in Death Forest, when the adventurer rescues him from Matanda's Cave. The Ocarina allows for Po to be called for a free ride from just about any overworld location.
 Healball  30 Restores HP, but much more so than does the Healmace.
In the large mountain maze (where Willow learns Thunder), go one screen north of the old lady's home and retrieve it from the treasure chest.
 Specter  50 Turns Willow into a monster that looks like a bubble. This is only used twice plot-wise. It's called a Monster's Bone. Found in the mountain maze where the Thunder lady lives. From beyond Fin Raziel's cave, head east when possible and keep north to a dead-end.
 Thunder  20 Calls lightning bolts down to damage enemies.
The old lady in the mountain maze will teach Willow this when he first comes into contact with her.