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All of the weaponry included in Willow's adventure consists of swords.
Beginning with the Long Sword and ending with the empowered Wing Sword,
these weapons are cumbersome and slow to use at first, but each of them,
as Willow continues to use them, become simple to wield.

Here are the weapons in the order that they should be received, as well as
their respective attack bonuses and either where they are located
or how they are obtained.

Long Sword
Received in the starting village of Nelwyn by Vohnkar, the 'best warrior in the village.' Vohnkar can be found in the northwest corner of town.

Battle Sword  +10 In Bogarda's Cave, not far north of where Willow finds the Ring, in a four-way intersection he'll find a treasure chest. This contains the Battle Sword.
Flame Sword  +30 In Matanda's blue caves, near the center in a four-way intersection Willow will discover the Flame Sword in a treasure chest.
Dragon Sword  +40 Received from the old man in the southeast corner of the Village of Dew. He will speak of looking for Dragon Scales. Return the Scales to him and he will craft Willow both the Dragon Sword and the Dragon Shield.
Devil Eye  +90 Found directly north from Lake Cheef (where Cherlindrea is found), this weapon is very bulky and cannot damage living creatures. It is, however, the only available weapon that can damage non-living, or undead, foes.
Wing Sword  +85* Initially Adik of the Eagle Clan will give Willow this sword while searching for his brother, Abang. Once Abang is located in Nockmaar Castle, he will put his power into the Wing Sword, making it the most powerful blade.
Kaiser Sword  +58 While in Tir Asleen, Willow will find Airk, a warrior of the country. Claiming that he is not powerful enough to confront the Edorsisk in the room behind him, he'll give Willow his sword so that he might accomplish the deed.
Wonder Sword  +67 The second most powerful sword available, the Wonder Sword can be found in a treasure chest in the castle north of Tir Asleen. Look on the second floor where Willow can also find the Battle Shield.

* When first obtained, an attack bonus of +1 is granted (until upgraded in Nockmaar Castle).