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Area Three Walkthrough - Lake Cheef and the Tavern of the Traveler

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Immediately upon exiting the cave, Willow will pause and the lake will begin to sing.  Here the adventurer will meet the protector of Lake Cheef, the beautiful fairy called Cherlindrea.

Cherlindrea is overjoyed to make Willow's acquaintance, and tells a bit of the prophecy. Evidently Fin Raziel, one of the messengers of the Two Spirits, has been transformed into a rodent by the evil Queen Bavmorda's magic.  The fairy gives Willow her wand, called the Magic Cane, and speaks of Elora Danan, a princess of prophecy that will ultimately bring about the downfall of the evil Bavmorda's reign of terror.

The good fairy will then send Willow north.




Heading north into the forest, Willow will encounter a fork in the road.  Continue north, and in a few screens he will encounter a treasure chest that contains a sword called the Devil Eye. Large and bulky, this weapon has a tremendous attack bonus, but cannot be used against living creatures.  Remember those mummies in the caves that turned you into a squealing pig and the floating wizards with the magic wands that nuked you with lightning bolts in the Forest of Death?  Yep, you can kill them now. And how good that revenge will feel. Note: Creatures that can only be damaged/killed with the Devil Eye sword generally leave little buds on the ground that will restore MP.

Continue north and Willow will first make the acquaintance of a Daikini warrior known as Madmartigan.  The Daikini has been bound, and evidently the Key to his cuffs can be found in the forest.  Head west, staying north as much as possible, from Madmartigan and Willow will soon locate a treasure chest with a rusty Key.  Return to Madmartigan with that key and he will be grateful for Willow's services.  In return for the adventurer's deed, Madmartigan offers a Necklace, which serves little purpose.



Continue on the simple path and Willow will find the Tavern of the Traveler.  Once Willow has poked his head in (getting his health and magic restored also), he will then be able to return to that point when calling Po with the Ocarina (can't complain about having a special pet who will take you to the Bar when you so choose and then home afterwards. Designated flier, baby!).

In the tavern, Madmartigan will speak of passing beyond the lake just to the north. Unfortunately, Willow can't swim, and he'll drown if he attempts to pass under the lake.  The Daikini speaks of a Wakka Seed, a special object known only to the strange rabbit-like creatures in the area.  Of course, this is where the old friend Kchil comes in handy.  Head back south the way that Willow came and, when coming to the fork in the mountain road, head east.  Two screens north Kchil will be waiting.  When asked for a seed, he will provide the adventurer with one.



Now would be the perfect opportunity to use the Ocarina and head back to the village of Dew.  Head to the southeast corner again and speak with the old blacksmith.  He will take the Dragon Scale from Willow and, on the spot (not to mention making record time), he'll forge a shield and a sword for the adventurer.  Now Willow can equip himself with a matching Dragon Sword and Dragon Shield, which are quite nice and very welcome upgrades.




Return to the Tavern of the Traveler via Po and the Ocarina and head east and then north. Watch out for the shellfish that will attack as Willow makes his way north.  This is a good opportunity to make some good experience (the crab-like creatures offer up 100 points per kill) once the adventurer has become adept at dealing with these creeps (which can take a few tries).  If Willow makes a stop here for some experience points, remember that the Tavern of the Traveler is just a stone's throw away.

Head into the lake.  With the Wakka Seed under his tongue, Willow can breathe underwater and therefore make his way beyond Lake Cheef and to the islands beyond.

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