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Area Four Walkthrough - Under-Island Caves and the Two Towers

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After Willow has made his way beyond Lake Cheef, a cave will appear to the west.  Here the Messenger of the Spirit of the Earth, Fin Raziel, can be found.  Due to the evil magic of the Messenger of the Spirit of the Skies, Bavmorda, Raziel has been transformed into an opossum.

Raziel will speak a bit of the prophecy concerning Bavmorda's downfall and will ask that Willow attempt to transform her back to her normal self.  Willow will then grasp the Magic Cane tightly and utter the magic words, but due to a lack of experience, Raziel will just be transformed into a different creature.  Regardless of how many times the adventurer might try this, the transformation will not be successful.

Willow will return once he reaches his thirteenth level for the transformation to be complete.


From Raziel's cave, head north and pass into the cave that leads to the first island.  The Magic of Fleet, which allows Willow to exit any cave or castle and appear at its entrance, shouldn't be missed along the way.

Staying west when possible, head north and look for another cave.  These caves aren't terribly large, but there are several entrances and exits, and it can become confusing if Willow isn't paying attention.  Coming to a split, turn right and stay along that path.  Continuing on, Willow will soon see daylight and a bridge.  With that, a minor-key, solemn tone will play in the air and the adventurer will come into contact with a ghost woman who calls herself Zhena.

Zhena is distraught because she can sense her lost lover, but is unable to find him as he won't show himself to her.  She will ask Willow to seek him for her, and provides the adventurer with a special object that might help him come to his senses - her Cross Flute.



Making his way across the bridge and into the cave on the opposite side, Willow will find a couple more objects of interest - the Demon's Feather, or the Magic of Terstorm, which will cause his enemies to be blasted off the screen when he becomes overwhelmed, and the Metal Shield.  Both are worthwhile items.  Continue southwest to find the Magic of Renew.

Stay north when possible from the split in the first cave and Willow will soon encounter a shelled monster.  This monster attacks by shielding itself and then spraying a series of teeth for each time that it is attacked.  With the Metal Shield, Willow can deflect the teeth, but with a lesser shield he will have to dodge them.

After the creature has been depleted of its Hit Points, provided that Willow has received the Cross Flute from Zhena, the shell will crack and a man will appear.  If Willow did not locate Zhena first, the monster's stamina will regenerate indefinitely and you'll have to either reset the game or tap the F7 key.

The man that came out of the monster's shell is half dead.  When it appears as if he is about to fade away, Zhena's Cross Flute will begin to play.  Here, the ghost woman will reunite with her lover, whose name happens to be Muzh.  Muzh explains that Bavmorda's magic transformed him into this hideous creature and ordered him to guard the door leading into the mountains to the north for the rest of his life.  In spite of his appearance, he had chosen to hide himself from his lover.

Obviously, the two are in utmost contentment now that they are back together, and decide that it's time for them to leave.  Zhena disappears, then does Muzh, but not before rewarding Willow with the Magic spell of Bombard.
When Muzh diminishes, a door will appear.  Exit the area and head east and into the mountain path.





The mountain path is short, and it won't be long before Willow finds Two Towers.  In the center can be found the princess of the prophecy, Elora Danan, and her caretaker.  Elora is just a baby, so her caretaker identifies her and then speaks of two Spirits that can be found atop the towers.  She wishes to provide the Crest of the Spirits to Willow, but this can only be accomplished when two crystals unite.

Fortunately for you, Elora just so happens to be right dead center between the two towers wherein the crystals reside. How about that? Climb the tower to the east first (the West Tower won't be accessible at this point).  Willow will climb five floors with only an occasional enemy encounter in the carpeted rooms.  Atop the first tower he will find the Spirit of the Skies, who will explain that he sent Bavmorda down to the earth as a messenger of light, but due to her evil heart she cut ties with her master and has gotten out of control.  The Spirit of the Skies will then present a Blue Crystal to Willow and instruct him to climb the West Tower.

Making his way up the West Tower will be more difficult for Willow, as now enemies will be quite regular.  There is nothing too difficult, though, so climb the five floors and speak to the other spirit, the Spirit of the Earth.  This spirit also must diminish soon, and speaks of his messenger, Fin Raziel.  He will grant Willow a Red Crystal.

Speak again with Elora Danan's caretaker, who can then use the two crystals to form the Crest of the Spirits, which is crucial in bringing about the downfall of Queen Bavmorda.

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