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Area Two Walkthrough - The Forest of Death and Matanda's Caves

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Maps For Area 2


The first creatures that Willow will encounter beyond the bridge leading from west of the Village of Dew are two members of the Brownie Clan that identify themselves as Franjean and Rool. These tiny creatures are seeking a Crystal Ball of Light, and desire for Willow to seek out a dragon in caves to the north and then return it to them.  They will also speak of a fairy called Cherlindrea that seeks Willow, and of her location in Lake Cheef.

Stay north as Willow enters the Forest of Death and soon he should find a little home nestled in the wood.  The old woman inside will restore Willow's stamina and magic and will ask for him to keep an eye out for her lost pet, a creature called Po.  She will give Willow some Medicinal Herbs in case her pet is injured.

To find the caves beyond the Forest of Death, continue east and then head south.  Willow will head east again and then north until the path finally straightens out and he'll head west for some time, dodging trees that spit fire.

Soon Willow will make his way into the mountains.  Just head north one screen and then west, and he'll find Matanda's blue caves.

These caves are not very complex either.  First head southwest when possible and look for a treasure chest that contains the Gold Shield, which is the third available shield in Willow's quest.  From here, head back east and then slightly north and look for a four-way intersection with a treasure chest. Here can be found the Flame Sword, which is the third available sword and substantially more powerful than the Battle Sword.  South from the Flame Sword, find a chest containing the Dragon Scale.

Stay northeast for awhile and eventually Willow will encounter a flying creature.  This is Po.  Po will be overjoyed that he has been found, and conveniently has a Magic Ocarina that can be used to summon him at any time (providing Willow is outdoors and not engaged in combat, with a couple of exceptions such as the Mountain Maze). Based on which areas Willow has legitimately made his way to, Po will return the adventurer to any of those locations of choice.


Next, head back south and try to stay southeast.  Soon Willow will find a long, narrow passageway heading directly south.  At the bottom he will find a cave with a dragon inside.

Contrary to what had been told by the Brownies, Matanda is old and certainly not aggressive. She will accuse Willow of being a thief for bothering her, and adamantly refuses to give up her Crystal Ball of Light.  When Willow agrees to leave the dragon be, Matanda changes her tune, now viewing the adventurer as a kind-hearted young man, and offers him a Thieves' Bracelet.  The only apparent use for this item is that, when Willow makes his way back to the entrance to the caves, the west wall that originally blocked a path will open up.

Follow the short path west and exit the caves.

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Maps For Area 2