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Area One Walkthrough - Villages of Nelwyn and Dew

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Maps for Area 1


Welcome to the walkthrough! Begin by heading one screen to the east of where Willow begins. Here, he will encounter the High Aldwin, who will provide Willow with his first Magic item, the Acorns.  These can turn a living creature into stone for a short period of time.

Next, head to the northwest corner of the village and speak with Vohnkar, the captain of the warriors of Nelwyn. He's the best warrior in the village! He'll provide Willow with the Long Sword, which is a bulky sword and the first available weapon.

After this, there's not much to do aside from getting a couple of levels and then heading north to the Daikini village of Dew. Note that it takes some practice to get used to each sword that you obtain. You'll notice a nice burst of progress if you're wielding a sword right when Willow gains a level.



Not far at all from the village of Nelwyn, Willow will find the village of Dew (as always in this walkthrough, refer to the detailed maps for any needed assistance).  It's a bit larger than Nelwyn and the tall people, or Daikinis, can be found here.  The first order of business is to head to the southwest corner of the village and speak with the man in the house.  He will award Willow the Wood Shield. He'll then tell you to chat with the village Chief. The Chief turns out to be a decent fellow, but won't talk to you unless you're lugging around a wood plank shield. Must be of Scandanavian descent or something.

The Chief will inform Willow that there is a monster north of the village that is wreaking havoc on the townsfolk.  He'll give Willow a Healmace, which restores HP (Hit Points) for a small cost of MP (Magic Points).

Any time he needs to, Willow may visit the old man in the southwest corner of town to restore his health and his magic.



Some of the villagers will express their concerns regarding the situation in town.  Evidently someone named Bogarda is stealing their crops and their gold and silver as well.

From the north of the village, keep as much west as possible.  Eventually, as Willow heads north, the trail will cut south and around to the west.  Here Willow will encounter a few new foes, but nothing serious.  Continue northwest and recover the Gold Statue.

Now head back east and stay north.  An easier route, if Willow becomes disoriented, is to head back to Dew and then stay north and east.  The path will wrap around east and will come right to the cave that Willow seeks.  If he has the Gold Statue in hand, the skeleton guarding the cave entrance will allow passage.  If not, then he won't.


The caves aren't terribly complex, but Willow will have to pay attention to where he's going. Inside can be found the Battle Sword, which is the second available weapon, and the Ring, which increases Willow's Strength by ten points. You won't miss the Battle Sword while going through caves, but the Ring is a big deal since there's no upgrade to it, and you don't want to spend your entire quest at -10 to attack.

When Bogarda is confronted, he will ask for the Gold Statue.  When Willow refuses, Bogarda curses Willow for a fool and attacks with a throwing axe.  For strategies in confronting Bogarda, consult the Boss Monsters page.

In defeat, Bogarda will regain his senses and award Willow with the magic of flowing fire, which, in the Magic inventory, is called Fireflor.  Fireflor creates a halo of little fireballs that does damage to enemies that pass through it. 


Head back to Dew (Willow will have to walk at this point) and then speak to the old man in the southeast corner of the village.  He will tell Willow that he was once a blacksmith, and that he'd be thrilled for the opportunity to forge weaponry with a Dragon Scale.

Willow will now head west of the village.  Once you've taken the western path out past the woman on the road, head back to the east, then go south a ways, and then head west.  Eventually Willow will find a bridge with a strange rabbit-type creature. This is Kchil of the Nail Clan, who will eventually become invaluable in Willow's quest.  For the time being, the creature just informs Willow that Bogarda had placed a curse on the bridge so that when the creature, who had been in Dew searching for food, attempted to cross back over, it was unable to do so.  Now that Bogarda was defeated, the bridge is again open for travel.

Proceed now to the yellowish wood called the Forest of Death.

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Maps for Area 1