The Terranigma Shrine
Terranigma is the third game in a series produced by Enix. The first game in the series is Soulblazer and the second is Illusion of Gaia.


January 23, 2005: Not quite dead

Well, finally this old thing gets another update. This is my final update as the shrine maintainer; it's time for me to move on. Here's what's new:

Well, that's about it, I think. Please note that the Creative Commons thing is only unique for my own shrine; it only applies to the pages where the license can be found. As far as I know, that's so far only my shrine. So don't take this as an excuse to copy other people's work, okay?

With all that said and done, thanks for the past five years, and good luck in the future. I hope the next maintainer will keep this Shrine in as good condition as I have.

Small Update: Hiryuu granted me permission to release his stuff under the License, as well. So now it's back up there again. :)

December 12, 2001: OMG! It's alive!

Yeah I know I've been slacking off on updates for quite some time... Can't help it, really. I get so distracted sometimes... *sigh*

Anyways, what's been added: Pictures for the enemies, items, weapons, armors, the dummied out items(!) and rings/pins, as well as some missing info in the enemies section. Enyoy! Expect the next update sometime next year...

April 16, 2001: The Terranigma Shrine is back!

Yes at long last I'm coming out of the shadows and updates the shrine. Betcha all thought I was dead or something... ;) Anyway, with all the recent events that has happened I've suddenly felt motivated to once more work on the shrine! I plan to add images to the site, as well as finishing/adding whatever else. But as of now, I've been busy converting the shrine to the new layout. Stay tuned for further info. Until the next time!