Classes & Advanced Classes

Classes are the different professions that your characters can take on.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Some excelling at attacking, while others it's spell casting or speed/agility.  A character can change classes at the Guild in town.  Some classes, however, cannot be obtained until after you reach a certain level of experience.  Also, some characters can't change class in the Guild; you must find an item with special powers that can change it.
WARRIORWarriors are Good Swordsmen with Great Strength.
Warriors are excellent at handling swords and fighting at close range.  They can be equipped with various weapons and armor.  These characters should be placed in the front row to stop enemy attacks.  Warriors cannot cast spells and are susceptible to offensive magic.
THIEFThieves are Quick and can Cast Powerful Spells.
Thieves tend to be naturally agile and can disarm traps on treasure chests more easily than other characters.  Even though they are not adept at fighting, they can use both Priest and Sorceror spells through Level 3.  Thieves can be very useful supporting the party from the back row.
PRIESTPriests can Heal the Wounded with Their Magic.
A priest has the ability to learn and use all Priest spells.  Priests are not good in close range combat, but by attacking with offensive spells or projectiles, they can contribute to the fight.  Priests can also use the command 'Dispel', which is very useful in defeating Undead monsters.
SORCERORSorcerors can Cast Powerful Offensive Spells.
A sorceror has the ability to learn and use all of the Sorceror spells, but don't expect many direct attacks from a sorceror.  A very powerful offensive spell can have the power to wipe out an entire party of enemies.  Just like priests, sorcerors should be placed in the back row where the enemy's direct attacks cannot reach them.
Advanced Classes are the professions that can't be made during character creation in the Guild Registration.  They can only be made when your characters (made characters or main) reach a certain level of experience and they meet the stat requirements to change into that class.  Original Characters can only change class when they use an item whose special powers allow you to change class (such as a Bishop Orb or Faith Armor).
BISHOPBishops are High Priests Who've Mastered Many Spells.
The highest positions in the realm of magic belong to bishops..  Not surprisingly, a bishop can use both Priest and Sorceror spells.  On top of that, bishops have the ability to appraise items without going to a shop and can also use the command 'Dispel'.
SAMURAISamurais are Experts with Swords and Capable of Casting Offensive Spells.
Studying ancient martial arts techniques, a samurai is an expert in sword fighting.  With his razor-sharp sword and unique equipment, he excels at close combat.  Additionally, a samurai can use Sorceror spells through level 6.  Without a doubt, a samurai is an expert in battle.
KNIGHTKnights are Paladins Who've Mastered Sword Fighting and can Cast Priest Spells.
Although in this game they do not ride horses, knights can equip all kinds of weapons and armor.  Similar to samurai, knights can learn spells through level 6, although they use Priest spells rather than Sorceror spells.  These divine knights are not only reliable in battle, they can also chant 'Dispel' like priests.
NINJANinjas are Solitary, Prideful Warriors that can Launch Deadly Assults.
Since ancient times, Ninja  have mastered "The Way of Shinobi (Endurance)".  In order to survive even the worst situations, ninja are trained to attack enemies' vital organs with deadly blows.  Ninja can use both Priest and Sorceror spells through level 2.  Ninja are fearsome warriors because of their power, speed and ability to use spells.